Journalism has been a much sought after course since the last few years, so much so that it is almost at par with English Honours in terms of standing and prestige of the course.

But often people and especially the youth seems to relegate journalism to just being like Barkha Dutt or Arnab Goswami and reporting on stuff.

And while that is a part of their job profile, the journalism industry is much more vast and diverse than we might know of. Made up of different styles and forms of journalism, each of them has a different technique and purpose and is targeted at a different audience.

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Here I introduce to you 4 different kinds of journalists that exist:

1. News Journalist:

The first one was quite obvious and perhaps the best one to start off with. News journalism is quite straightforward and no-nonsense. Although I am liking the recent trend of infusing comedy with news that YouTubers are doing these days with East India Comedy and AIB at the helm of it.

Could make news not such a serious platform anymore.

However, for the time being, as a news journalist, the content would mostly comprise of the facts of what happened, people involved and just be enough to let the reader know of the incident.

A lot of the times, these stories lack the depth that feature stories would have or the questioning nature of the investigative story. But on their own, they also have a plus point as they give a very unbiased and unopinionated view on the story.

2. Column Journalist:

As a column journalist, you would definitely have more creative and work freedom as you can pick and choose the kind of topics you want to write on. The column

The column will, of course, have the overarching frame of some sort, but you can sarcastic, humourous and have fun with your writing. Although as a columnist it is pertinent that you create your own niche that your reader can relate with and recognizes as yours specialisation.

Columns are usually published on a weekly basis, something like Sonal Kalra’s Sunday column and Vir Sanghvi or even Rajeev Makhani.

3. Crime Reporter:

Now crime reporter might seem similar to a news journalist, however, there are some very major differences between the two.

Where news journalism is pretty straightforward, crime reporting can be considered more dangerous and in-depth. As a crime reporter, you must learn how to look for the story, follow leads, interview and thus get relevant information and then put it all together in a concise and crisp manner.

Also, in this field, one has to work closely with lawyers, Federal bureaus, the CBI and more due to the nature of your work.

4. Lifestyle Journalist:


These days we are seeing an increase of these kinds of journalists. Lifestyle journalists although from a non-news field, are still journalists in every way and form.

Based mainly in the entertainment and general categories, lifestyle journalism is all about capturing the current lifestyle and culture that is trending at the moment.

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