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Trump English Actually Exists And We Get You Some Hilarious Examples Of It

Did you all know that there is a thing called 'Trump English'? Apparently, Trump has created an entirely different kind of English that only he understands. Take a look at some examples of it.


Did you all know that there exists something called ‘Trump English’? After seeing endless mistakes and errors in Donald Trump tweets, this term has been coined specially for his unique form of language.

No one really expects Trump to be the king of grammar especially on social media, errors are bound to be made, more so when the platform is Twitter that does not allow one to edit their tweets.

And while this restriction has been criticised a lot over the years, it might just be a blessing in disguise for people to take a glimpse at the real Donald Trump.

His mistakes, spelling or grammatical, are both famous in the Twitter universe and perhaps it was not that big a deal when he was merely a businessman with a lot of money.

It’s funny that a term called ‘Trump English’ has emerged which basically means that Trump has twisted the normal English language to such an extent that he has created his own version.

However, him now being the President of the United States does bring a certain responsibility on him to make sure that even his Tweets are completely error-free as in a way they are representative of the President who in turn is representing the entire country.

Making such silly mistakes even at this level is not just hilarious but even quite shameful for the President and the citizens alike.

So let us take a look at 10 of such errors or examples of Trump English that the President of the Free World has given us till now:

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Image Credits: Google Images, Trump Twitter

Sources: Trump Twitter, HuffPost, Wikipedia

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