Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Leader of the Conservative Party has made history by becoming the first person of colour and a Hindu one at that to take on the post of Prime Minister (PM) of the United Kingdom (UK).

While some people have legitimate questions regarding his appointment, concerned about the economic situation of the country and more, there are also people taking offence to the new PM but without much of a strong reason.

In a segment on 25th October, host Trevor Noah spoke about Rishi Sunak, becoming the new PM of the UK and the reaction that this news has gotten by some.

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In the clip Noah said that “of course…not everyone is happy with Sunak taking the top post…but it’s not because they don’t like his policies.” Instead, he pointed out that some people were having problems with his skin colour more than his leanings as a politician.

Giving the example of a caller called Jerry Lowestoft at a radio programme, the person was not comfortable it seems with having a non-white PM, further asking the host how it would be as improbable as him becoming the prime minister of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. He said “These things matter…England with 85% white people wants to see a PM who reflects them.”

To this Noah commented that “Yeah, he has a good point. Can you imagine if white English people wanted to rule countries where no one looked like them?…it is difficult to imagine what that world would be like.”

He also added how  “…racists always defend colonisation, brushing it as mere business until they feel like they’re being colonised.” 

In a hilarious twist, he said that in fact, white people should be happy that “after 400 years, you’d finally get to legitimately blame a brown person for your country’s problems.”

Noah finished the segment by saying “You’re not being colonised, the new PM is British…he is not going to walk to his podium on the first day and say ‘I’m selling the whole country to India…it’s revenge time…that was the whole plan…Happy Diwali…’.”

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