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Top 5 reasons you should get a remote Car starter


During the cold winter months as the temperature drops, there is nothing better than sitting in the warm comfort of your home and starting your car remotely. There are many benefits to getting a remote car starter. 

A remote car starter will make your life easier.  It will help you warm up your vehicle as well as de-ice your car in extremely cold temperatures. It’s also good for your car’s engine and will increase the re-sell value of your car. Most remote starters also come with built-in security features, which is another attractive reason to have one installed. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of getting a remote starter for your car. 

Extreme Cold Weather 

The last thing you want to do when temperatures drop is go outside to start your car. With a remote car starter, you can remain in the warm comfort of your own home as you start your car remotely. If you leave the heat on, it will come on as you start your car, making it warm and toasty when you’re ready to go. You can also do this in warmer months, by leaving the A/C on to cool your car remotely.


In extreme temperatures, the exterior of your car can be covered in ice. The locks can also freeze shut. A remote car starter will allow you to defrost your car without freezing your fingers off.  De-icing your car will result in better visibility for the driver. It will also help to defrost the headlights and brake lights, which makes your car more visible to other drivers.

Good for the Engine 

A remote car starter is good for your car’s engine because it allows you to warm the engine up before you drive. Doing so warms up the engine oil and provides better lubrication for the motor. Driving on a cold day without warming the engine up can be hard on the motor. Starting your car remotely will enable you to warm up the engine without having to sit in the cold car. 

Resale Value 

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions (hot or cold), a remote car starter may increase the resale value of your car. It is an inexpensive modification that is attractive to car buyers, whether you sell your car personally or are trading it in at the dealership.

Built-in Security Features 

Most remote car starters come with added security features. It enables you to start the car and keep it running without leaving the keys in it, which prevents theft. Many remote starters also come with an alarm as an added source of protection. 

Whether you want to avoid freezing in the winter or you want to improve the condition and value of your car while decreasing the chance of theft, a remote car starter will provide you with many benefits. A remote starter is inexpensive and easy to install.`

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