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Top 5 Advertisements You Can’t Afford To Skip


Commercials hold a special place in everyone’s heart. A 30 second advertisement has an infinite impact. Some are unforgettable because of the story, some because of the jingle and some due to the people. But whatever the reasons be, since ages advertisements have been talk of the town.

We chose 5 TVCs (it was difficult) that became a hit.

  1. Google- Reunion Advertisement

Longer than the usual 30 sec Television commercial, this one is my personal favourite. The background music, the sensitive India- Pak issue and inclusion of Google in almost every second of the advertisement, Oglivy and Mather scored a big one with this. Tears roll down as the video plays.


  1. Airtel- Friendship Campaign

A.R.Rahman’s music for Airtel could not create the buzz that this one managed. Perfect timing of the campaign and its quirkiness worked wonders. Launched in the month of Friendship- August, this Amitabh Bhattacharya and Ram Sampath music was on the lips of every person. The 4 am friend, the kanjoos friend and the chadi buddies – all became important because of AIRTEL.


  1. Cadbury –


Choosing the best advertisement by this chocolate brand is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Since years, each and every commercial has been heart-wrenching. Be it one of the very initial ones, with a girl dancing and entering the stadium in enjoyment, or the Shubh Arambh series or the ‘Meethe mein kucch meetha ho jaye’ or the Silk ads. It just brings a smile on your face.


  1. What an Idea sirji?

Probably one of the few times, we appreciated Junior Bachchan for his skills. They were well thought ads based on the Indian society and its features. Commenting on the social values that needed to be imbibed, IDEA ruled the Indians then.


  1. Vodafone- Zoo Zoo


Aliens and such sweet aliens, surely everyone would love them. And so with the unique Road block advertisement, Vodafone brought in their new character-ZOO ZOO after the Hutch and Vodafone collaboration. These white creatures were next found on key chains, Rakhis and every possible small item. Children loved them and so did Vodafone! That’s why Zoo-Zoo’s could not return to their Planet :P



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