New Delhi [India], August 22 (Presstone Agency) : Hereby We present Top 10 Most Amazing Indian Authors Of 2022

  • Epsita Patnaik

Epsita Patnaik is a director at Orilooms Pvt. Ltd., a handloom export company. She has worked for various Mnc’s before embarking on a journey to self discovery. She is very passionate about dancing and loves to travel. She is a voracious reader and loves to pen down her thoughts. She believes in positivity and kindness. She lives with her husband and 8 year old  (Illustrator of this book) in Hyderabad, Telangana.

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  • Kaushiki Sarkar

Kaushiki Sarkar is an earthling since 11th May, 2004. She was born in Kolkata, India. She buried her thoughts and emotions inside her until she started writing. Writing is her antidote and passion. She was featured in Taare Zameen Par Magazine. She has won many awards as a writer, Ambitious Awards, Ace Of Initiative Awards, Global Iconic Women Awards, Shahanshah Got Talent Award, Spotlight Awards and Sparkling Scribbler Of The Year 2021. Her interview is featured in various press sites. She has won numerous writing contests and achieved many titles. She is a co-author in numerous anthologies. She is a management head, compiler and project head. She is the Founder of Inksteady Creative Community and Crystal World Community. 

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  • VishwasPrakash Shetty

VishwasPrakash Shetty (known by pen name – viprasā) is a poet/author from Karnataka, he is an advocate by profession  graduated in B.Com, M.Com at Mangalagangotri university Mangalore and LL.B at KSLU, He is a poet, writer, and painter by a person. His debut book ” The First Bangle” is a collection of poems that evokes a few questions within the reader, which one has never dared to ask himself. His poems are deep in meaning, gripping, philosophical, positively feminist, and evoke profound questions of Man’s (human) reality.

“The First Bangle” has been applauded for its subtle, restrained, and well-crafted words, dealing with common and mundane themes in a manner that manifests both man’s sanity and atrocity.

  • Sonal Srivastava

Highlighted as “The Next Big Name in Modern Literature,” Sonal Srivastava is writing a history of her own. The author believes that life is indeed the best written novel one can have or own. Her recently published book, “The Yodha of Our Times,” is a compilation of five page-turning inspirational stories that encourage you to chase your dreams.

Author of Winning Your Demons and several anthologies, Sonal Srivastava, has been making news as a leading “Inspirational Indian.” Not just national, she has also been interviewed by various radio stations and international magazines for her outstanding and page-turnings work.

  • Varun Mathpal

Varun started writing short stories and poems when he was pursuing his bachelors degree in Delhi University. He wanted to take his passion of writing to a next level and so he came up with a story which he started writing during the initial days of the 2020 lockdown. ‘DESTINED TO DIE’ is a suspense, thriller which is an unputdownable effort by the author. The twist and turns keeps the reader absorbed in the storyline. The link for the book:

  • Archit Bhardwaj

Archit Bhardwaj is an author, a playwright, and the poet of ‘Twenty Twigs of Thoughts’ ( ). He is a passionate writer who brings out the ecstatic beauty of life, hidden away in mundane activities. This book is an effort to bring out the questions that perplex us all but often slip away when we put our minds to them. His love for writing inspired him to co-author another collection of poems, ‘Coming Home.’ Some of his best works have been published in various formats that include micro stories, short stories, and Novellas.

  • Deenabandhu S Adi

Deenabandhu S Adi, Gadag from Karnataka and he is love to write, writing is his passion with reading. He wrote 2books in English, one is Feelings Pouring Down another one is At the coffee table. He love to solo traveling and participate in more than 7 anthologies, works to be recognises for every writer.

  • Subhasit Ratnam

Subhasit is an experienced IT professional writing as a hobby since childhood. His writings have been published since long in newspapers and magazines across India. It seems his love for Hindi didn’t fade out while abroad since more than a decade. His latest Poetry collection “Anuttarit” sheds light on societal issues that we all are aware of but deny to accept.

 Poet’s writing style covers society, patriotism, religion, humanity, Karma etc practical topics of interest.

  • Arnab Chandra

Arnab Chandra, big data engineer by day and a poet by night. In world of everything digital he feels stuck being an analog antique trying to fit in. Not much of a conversationalist, hand him a piece of paper and he shall write an impromptu poem on any given prompt. 

Hailing from the land of ‘misti doi’ & ‘yellow taxi’, he takes pride in being a Bengali and asserting his ethnicity wherever he goes. Observant eyes and an overthinking brain is a boon and a curse too. He lives by the day figuring out all the silent questions of life.

  •  Swapna Sanchita

Swapna Sanchita is a poet, a writer, and an educator who studied engineering in college and went on to obtain a degree in management from IIMK. Her collection of poems, Des Vu was published in June 21 and was a bestseller on Amazon India. She has contributed to a number of anthologies and journals. She is a prolific writer and has had three children’s books published last year. Swapna lives in Ranchi, India with her husband and two sons. Swapna’s poetry can be read on her Instagram page @sanchitaswapna and her Facebook page Random Musings @swapna28sanchita.




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