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Tiffany Gaines Becomes First African American, Female Ceo and Founder to Own Corporation Solely Contracting Thousands Including 47 Record Labels


Within her successful run as both founder and CEO, Tiffany Gaines becomes the only African American female in the music and entertainment industry to solely own the independent conglomerate, SS Global Entertainment, acclaimed today as a global music distribution and marketing company, non-exclusively contracted with over 4,000 musicians and 47 sub-labels. Gaines managed to build with no affiliation to any major label or entity that provided financial backing or any initial investments. She stands as the true epitome of a “one- person powerhouse”.

Gaines began growing her network as a local promoter for popular nightclubs, then eventually secured contracts with major concert promoters and agencies further expanding her roster of clients and partnerships within the industry. Soon thereafter, she started working with venue owners directly, booking well known DJ’S & MC’s hosting other celebrity events and eventually started hosting her own. From there she developed interest in showcases for locally known acts and soon enough found herself securing some of the most popularly known performers of the early 2000 era through her affiliation with major label A&R representatives. She gives credit to all of her mentors and partners who taught her well and many of them currently are some of the most prominent entertainers of the industry today.

Gaines ran successfully under the moniker “Blasia” and in 2001, started her marketing company, Blasia’s Entertainment, where she provided consistent opportunities for models, musicians, producers and entertainers through live performances, movie & music placements, etc, and in due time, built a network of over 2000 clients.

In 2006, in hopes of creating a platform where self-supporting entrepreneurs can learn at a pace fit for their lifestyle without having to give up a large majority of their time, energy and financial freedom in exchange for progress and success, Gaines went on and founded SS Global Entertainment merging her companies’ opportunities to help serve her clients more efficiently.

The company services musicians, entrepreneurs as well as businesses non exclusively through online programs and one-on-one coaching sessions taught by Gaines herself catered specifically to heighten the client’s level of achievements via their overall objectives and goals.

In 2010, Gaines was offered an A&R position to work professionally at The Island Def Jam Music Group of which she respectfully declined.

The sole reason for leaving her well paid position as a successful fashion buyer was due to the restrictions felt from living solely on the amount of her bi-weekly paycheck.

“Never again will I put all of my effort into someone else’s dreams to come true before I do my own. There must be a shared effort to grow together or I don’t want any part of it”.

Gaines continued to partner with respected publicists, A&R representatives, popular DJ’S and major players who have helped in many ways allow SS Global Entertainment become one of the first companies to consider when looking for true quality of service followed by guaranteed progressive results. Gaines is proud of her accomplishments and looks forward to an even brighter future.

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