Unable to clear the AIIMS entrance exam, R Sankara Rao, now a young doctor, sued his coaching institute for not providing appropriate coaching due to which he said he failed, and he won this case in court.

Lakhs of students get enrolled in coaching institutes every year and aim to qualify in entrance exams of various kinds. More than educational institutes, these coaching centers have become business hubs.

Bhatia Medical Institute in Chikkadpally, Hyderabad – Rao’s coaching institute, denied all allegations against them but the court still held the institute guilty for not living up to standards presented to the complainant. Here’s what happened.

Rao’s Allegations Against Bhatia Medical Institute

Rao allegedly said that he was promised to be assigned to well known pathologist Dr. Devesh Mishra but not even a single class was taught by Dr. Mishra.

Moreover, he said that the coaching institute did not complete the topics prescribed for the AIIMS entrance and did not cover the topics from the syllabus given to him before he joined the institute.

Very strongly urging for compensation, Sankara blamed the institute for wasting his time and money, and that his performance only deteriorated after joining it.

Rao took the case to the Consumer Forum and demanded a compensation for the loss he had suffered when he invested so much money and still the institute failed to help him qualify the entrance exam.

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Institute’s Defense Arguments and The Court’s Verdict

Bhatia Medical Institute straightaway denied all allegations. They said that Dr. Mishra was never promised as a faculty member to any student.

The institute claimed that they even taught additional topics and that their teaching techniques had no flaws.

The Consumer Forum however, held the institute guilty for not reaching standards promised to the student. The forum found numerous emails written to the institute regarding Rao’s problems and found that no action was taken despite repeated requests.

After deductions, the Bhatia coaching institute payed back Rs. 45,000 to Rao along with a compensation fee of Rs. 32,000.

The Order Of The Court:

“The opposite parties are only coaching institutes and when they promise a certain standard, it should be observed carefully. That the complainant should obtain a seat in AIIMS is certainly not their responsibility but the path towards the goal should not be hindered by not delivering.”

An institute is totally responsible to deliver the content promised to the student when enrolling him/her. Many institutes these days want only money and their false promises about helping the student in getting a good rank in exams are clear from cases such as Rao’s.

A student is obviously responsible for studying well to qualify for the entrance exams himself/herself but when they trust coaching institutes on training the students for the exams and they don’t get satisfactory training, what does one do?

Perhaps this action taken by Sankara Rao was justified in such a case.

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