Being competent to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills that help you in all the aspects of your life, from your professional life to social gatherings and at the early stage of your career at large. Proper communications skills will not only take your career in the right direction but also help you land the job as per your choice and also makes you get noticed and get ahead in all facets of your life. At times quite simply one might need a guide who helps people communicate better. Professor Satyashil Youraj is one such communication coach who teaches communication skills with his unique and innovative style of teaching communication in which he gives real-life tasks to his students where they are expected to go in public and speak with unknown people. Students like his style of incorporating Bollywood songs in his lectures.”

Excel in your career in the era of AI with this Communication skill – Communication 4.0

Mr. Satyashil has learned about this unique style of communication skill from the instance of his real-life where he had been consequently getting rejected from getting a job till the 41st time. Eventually, during his 42nd interview, he learned about the secret to crack interview which when applied, helped him land his dream job and made him stand apart from the crowd. He encountered that communication is not just words; it’s an amalgamation of body language, tone of voice, and words. And that’s when he researched the concept of Communication 4.0 and here it goes:

In the age of smartphones where we are largely communicating through texts and words, people are still unaware of the importance of tonality and body language. In the years to come, we are expected to communicate with not only humans but machines within the next decade AI and virtual reality mechanisms will be widely used to check candidate’s ability, inert responses, and their behavior. AI will not only check your words, but it will also give some weightage to your tonality and your body language, and here is communication 4.0 will help you.

Communication 4.0 is a communication Model 33:33:34 means whenever we will be communicating with any machine in the age of Artificial Intelligence 33% of the message needs to be delivered through body language, 33% of the message needs to be delivered through our tonality, 34% of the message needs to be delivered through our words. Let’s Dive more into the details.

Communication starts way before we utter the first word and that’s when body language supports your point. It could be in various ways like having good eye contact can be positive showing interest, affection, and attraction for the other person or the sitting position that says a lot about your personality or gestures with hands, as our hands communicate too. This was all about the importance of 33% body language in communication.

How we say it becomes more important than what we say it and that’s when tonality supports your point. Our tone of voice, inflection, volume, and pace of speech are much more important when we are speaking to someone either on phone or in person. People will make judgments about our attitude, our willingness to help, and even our personality based on the way in which we speak. That means that regardless of the words that come out of our mouths, the way we deliver them is a lot more important. This was all about the importance of 33% tonality in communication.

Unquestionably words are extraordinarily powerful, when used skillfully they can create purpose with peace but when used negatively they can be weapons of conflict and confusion be it in verbal or nonverbal communication. Power phrases and power words, storytelling, cohesion, and coherence when applied while communicating with words can harness the power of words by making communication effective. As a whole, this comprises 34% of the importance of words in communication.

Mr. Satyashil also urges everyone to focus on Listening as Listening is considered to be an important communication skill while being empathetic.

Mr. SatyashilYouraj is an Assistant professor at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, and a communication Coach. He has also been a keynote speaker in TEDx events where the audience heard him and witnessed him talking his heart out about his vision of evolving communication skills. He has also been guiding many political leaders to communicate well in public speaking. He is a corporate trainer and has trained many professionals of brand companies throughout India.”

He has written the following books

– Zero Second Spoken English (Amazon Bestseller)

– Level up your Resume.

– Zero Second spoken English for teachers.

Mr. SatyashilYouraj is a dynamic and resourceful personality, a passionate learner who has enriched himself through his hard work and exceptional communication skill, a go-getter, an awesome mentor, and indeed an all-round inspiration for many!

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