The language of any community is something that is a point of pride for them. It is something that connects them, that makes the people feel like a part of a community, and also shows their intellectual prowess.

Thus when some people noticed how Kannada, the language commonly by people of Karnataka but also by some groups in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala, and Goa was showing as the “ugliest language in India” in a Google search.

Understandably, native speakers of the language were upset with this and started to pour out their outrage over this clear insult on social media.

What Happened?

On June 3rd, for a Google search of “ugliest language in India,” the top result was Kannada.

The line that showed was “What is the ugliest language in India? The answer is Kannada, a language spoken by around 40 million people in south India.” It didn’t take long for the Kannadigas (people who speak Kannada) to show their outrage over this clear insult to their language.

It got to the point where #Kannada started to trend on Twitter in India with over 25,000 tweets talking about it.


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This resulted in several political representatives, activists, and native speakers calling out Google for this grave mistake.

Central Member of Parliament from BJP PC Mohan and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Mukund Gowda both posted online about how they wanted an apology from Google and that the result be taken down as soon as possible.

In order to take away the insult to their language, Kannadigas started to also trend Kannada as the queen of languages, talking about how it is one of the oldest languages of the country.

Google has now removed the accused webpage from their search results, however, the damage has already been done.

TS Nagabharana the President of Kannada Development Authority spoke to TV9 Kannada Digital and said “We have got into the legal battle over this issue. Legal notice sent to Google condemning Kannada. Humiliation of one another in terms of ground, water, language and culture cannot be tolerated. Clearly this is some kind of systematic conspiracy. Kannadigars, the moods of the Kannada language, are ambushed to create such an opportunity. It is not our job to resist. Instead, these types of events must be kept in check. Kannadigas opined that we should not shy away from even the smallest issues that affect us.”

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Sources: Deccan Herald, Kannada News18, Twitter

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  1. Change the heading first

    Learn to respect a langauge and how to use language first.
    Trending was “opposition to such hatred on Kannada or any language” and not the hatred itself.

    Do not try to glorify the hatred for cheap publicity.

    If you donot know about Kannada then try not to write about it.


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