It is not only our phones or house appliances that are now smart now, the tech world is including in fashion into it too. 

And one of the latest to join it is the brand Bee & Kin who have recently come out with their ‘smart bags’ bearing a simple button that can do a variety of different things. 

Now, a handbag is not just a weight on women’s or some men’s shoulders, a place where they can keep their essentials when travelling outside. 

Nor it is simply a fashion accessory to go along with the new outfit one has bought that serves no big purpose to you. 

These new bag by a luxury leather startup based in New York has launched a new line of bags which include a button that can do several different things like calling an Uber, locating your phone and more as per a report by Fast Company. 

Almost all the bags in their collection right now, some with either the smart button or a built in light that can make it easier for a person to peruse their bag if they are in a dark or ill-lit place. 

What Is The Bag About?

The founder of the brand Tracey Hummel has stated that “The use cases (for the bag) are almost endless,” stressing on her idea to include technology in bags to make them different in the overly saturated handbag market of today. 

Currently, the introductory line of bags are being sold between USD 500 to 750 depending on the type of bag. These include:

  • Cross body bag – $500
  • Bucket bag – $595
  • Two tote bag silhouettes – from $600 to $725. 

Tracey explained her reason behind putting lights in the bag as, “I knew from the start that the lights would be a must. I have wasted so much time digging through my purse for my keys or a metro card. This was a relatively easy thing to add, but it would make a huge difference.”

The bags made with Italian leather are also manufactured in India. The bag also is available to be shipped to India, so Indian customers too can enjoy the features.

Fashion Tech Bag

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What All Can The Bag Do?

There are a number of things that the button in these bags can do, such as:

  • Call a cab
  • Locate phone
  • Text location to another contact
  • Send a pre-written email
  • Give a call on your phone
  • Start music playlist
  • Lock phone screen
  • The double-click option can send a “two minutes away” text

Beside the button, there is also a light panel which can turn on two small light buttons embedded within the bag. 

This can be extremely useful while a person is riffling through their purse trying to find something in say a bar or theatre or while walking outside the house in the dark. 

How Does The Technology Work?

The button is controlled by an app called Flic, which is a a Swedish company. 

Once you’ve bought the bag, you will need to download the app and then customise it according to whatever you need. 

The app is compatible with over 1000 devices and apps which makes it easy to use and personalise as per whatever is needed. 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, The Economic Times

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