This DU Problem Has Been Making Students’ Lives Hell For The Longest Time

The Delhi University or as we all so lovingly call it has just brought up another problem.

I swear this university has more problems than anything I have ever seen.

The latest news is that 900 teaching positions and permanent at that are lying vacant, yup, just lying there like sad little jobs with no one taking them up.29-1435555157-du

Yes my friends, the biggest and most prestigious university in the whole country is falling short of teachers. Hmmm, what does this say about it?

Can you imagine, what would happen if all those positions were filled up? I mean just think of the various subjects and courses students could study if there were enough teachers to teach them.


No Teacher For That Beta

Over the course of my graduation, I many times had options for a paper or two, wherein I could opt to study from a number of different subjects. And every time, I would get super excited seeing the syllabus, picking out my subject according to what it included and whether it was of my interest or not.

And every single semester, I would ask our HOD of if we could opt for that another subject instead of the one we were being forced to learn.

Because yes, at the end of the day, it was forcing the students, to study a subject that they had no interest in.

The reason why we could not study that subject was because there was a shortage of teachers.

So do not think that this problem, of DU colleges having vacant teaching positions is a new one. In fact, it has been there for quite some time now.


Wonder Why Teachers Saying No To DU?

I genuinely am wondering why exactly are teachers saying no to DU?

I mean for intents and purposes, DU is one of the top universities of India, further more it would be a govt. job so one can be assured that it would be long lasting and unless one does some kind of major scandal, you wouldn’t really be fired from it.

So good, name university and cushy job, yet still there are 900 (I cannot get over this figure) teaching positions are lying vacant.

Could it be due to the extremely miserable salary, poor benefits and little to no freedom as a teacher?

That last part I cannot attest to, but I can go by what I observed and well, none of the teachers I saw of DU and not just my own colleges, but visiting ones too, looked to be quite happy with their jobs.

And even now, DU does not seem to be in any kind of rush or hurry to fill up all these empty positions.

Signing off I would like to say that, teaching is perhaps one of the most noble jobs and I know how much difference it can make if you have good teachers or in some cases, any teachers. DU please listen and make sure to fill these up, so that future students get to study courses they want and not have the same boring and monotonous subject forced upon them.

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