Instagram is a cesspit of many thing, where there is bad there are also some pretty interesting gems that make one’s experience of the platform enjoyable.

Where there are fake influencers or people hyping up their lavish lifestyle or posting hypocritical posts, where there are people just instigating hatred and misinformation, there are also the users who use the platform as a creative outlet.

From dances and workouts to posting relatable comedic content and of course, how can we forget all the art. Given how visual of a medium Instagram is, it is perfect for artists to post their stuff and gain recognition.

Something similar seems to have happened to an Indian female artist who has been getting noticed for the hilarious and creative way she incorporates Bollywood puns into food illustrations.

Who Is This Artist?

The artist called Ana Patankar has been posting on their Instagram page called @anapatankardraws various hilarious food-based illustrations that often have a Bollywood twist to them.

According to her bio, she is a “Character designer, comic artist and illustrator for books, magazines, websites, games and much more.”

Patankar as per reports is based in Chile, South America and has been working as an children’s books and comics illustrator for almost 10 years now. Her Instagram fame though has only been increasing with her having over 50,000 followers currently.

Ana Patankar’s art is not just limited to Bollywood though, as she has incorporated other viral things into her art. She created Reels videos on the ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha’ video and even the ‘Srivalli’ song from her art.

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This is certainly an extremely creative way to create art and seems to be working for the artist given how much love they are receiving.

Image Credits: Google Images

Feature Image designed by Saudamini Seth

Sources: Hindustan Times, NDTV Food, Instagram

Find the blogger: @chirali_08

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