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Things you didn’t know you could do on the Internet!



Have you got tired with your routine of checking Facebook and Twitter feeds. Do you also slog for hours scrolling the news feed and reading other people’s narcissistic rants? Is the saturation of technology leaving you emotionally drained or are you on the verge of quitting the internet and getting a life? If the answer is YES to all the questions, then you have been infected by the efilateg virus. Don’t panic and search for this virus on Web MD because only two people know how to cure this rare disease. So before you go to Baba Ramdev, Why not read the article because by the end of this you will know exactly how to get rid of efilateg virus!

  • Want to build your own universe and see how would it work?



  •  Want to view uncle Sam’s hidden files but don’t want to go out on the deep web? Try visiting Satisfy your curiosity by looking at some awe-inspiring records of data.



  • Or view what the internet looked like in the past. Visit Wayback Machine

    Wayback machine


  • Did you always have a question in your mind that no teacher would answer? Why not ask the same question to a scientist? Visit Newton to ask your questions. After all, there is no better teacher than curiosity.



  • Do you believe that Zombie apocalypse is not a matter of if but when? Well then it is better to be prepared for the eventuality while these over achievers slog over their white collar jobs oblivious of the inevitable. Prepare yourself by playing Organ trail:


  • Players play in a post-apocalyptic society and are required to cross united states in a car with few other friends. Players have to manage their limited resources to survive the journey and reach the sanctuary. While you are preparing yourself with this game, it would be wise to have a map in your hand.

    map of the dead

  •  Map of Dead: A map of the world showing the severity of the apocalypse (when it happens) and showing places in the city where one could grab supplies, shelter and ammunition.

  • All the metal lovers rejoice as I present to you the MapOfMetal, an interactive guide to metal music that covers dozens of sub-genres, displaying their origins on a map, describing their history and evolution, and even letting you listen to a few tracks belonging to that genre.





  • Love Calvin and Hobbes? Well, now there is a search engine for it. Search for your favorite Calvin and Hobbes strip without searching the internet for hours. Calvin and Hobbes search engine:


  • Feeling low? What could be a better uplifter than the joyous sound of rain. .
    After all, rain makes everything better.


  • So when you have got tired of wasting your time, how about you take the course you were always interested in. Visit  to find hundreds of online courses provided by universities from around the world.


The path of success is not easy, but no one said it cannot be fun. So after these few fun filled steps one can easily get rid of the efilateg virus. Always remember that the internet is filled with millions of hidden treasure chests waiting to be found by their owner, after all ‘captains’ aren’t meant to stay on docks of Facebook and Twitter, they are meant to sail, sail to the vast oceans of the internet in search of these chests. So, whenever in doubt of getting the efilateg virus, ask the internet, “Am I Awesome?”



Picture Credits- Google images
By Bhanu Sharma



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