Animal cruelty is no longer a secret hidden from everyone. Multiple movies both Bollywood and Hollywood have included aspects of how animals are cruelly and without their consent used in experiments and more.

But perhaps the most extensive use of animals to conduct experiments is by the beauty industry. Sure science and pharmacist industry also till date uses animals pretty heavily, but the beauty industry is not that far off.

Just think, that that compact or eyeliner that you are using, was once used on a poor and captive animal who was used just to see if the product had any side-effects or not.

But even after cruelty-free clauses have been included by many governments across the world, a lot of makeup and skincare brands to this day do animal testing.

Many of the time this is due to a certain country’s policy which requires animal testing or it could be million other reasons.

Here are 10 brands that you would be surprised to know still test on animals:

1. Colgate

testing on animals

Who doesn’t know about Colgate, the toothpaste brand that has its Ranveer Singh ads on the television, on YouTube and practically everywhere.

This international giant has an ambiguous stand on animal testing with them this part in their policy that they “only use animal testing when necessary.”

2. Unilever

testing on animals

Unilever is an international giant that has its hands in wide range of products that range from beauty, skincare, hygiene and more.

They have stated that they test on animals when required by law or as per their statement when they have used a ‘novel’ ingredient.

But according to reports, Unilever has been rumoured for conducting unnecessary and sometimes cruel tests on animals for their benefit. Some of the brands that Unilever owns are Vaseline, Dove, Lynx, Bovil, Ben and Jerry’s, Magnum, Knorr, Tresemme and more.


3. Estee Lauder

testing on animals

Estee Lauder, the parent company of various makeup and skincare brands like M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Tom Ford Beauty, La Mer and more does conduct animal testing in order to sell their products in China.


4. Dove

testing on animals

Dove, as owned by Unilever, cannot be included as completely cruelty-free.

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5. L’Oreal

testing on animals

Yes, L’Oreal is another internationally known brand that is still involved in animal testing. To clarify, L’Oreal might not test on animals in countries where it is prohibited, however as per their policy, which states ‘An exception could only be made if regulatory authorities demanded it for safety or regulatory purposes,’ it means they still allow animal testing to be done on their products.

While L’Oreal no longer conducts tests of their products on animals itself, but in countries where it is not just legal but required by law, then L’Oreal while not technically doing the experiments themselves still have knowledge that these tests are being done and allows and even pays for them.


6. M.A.C

testing on animals

M.A.C. is owned by Estee Lauder which is known to test their products on animals when required by law.

7. Garnier

testing on animals

Garnier which is owned by L’Oreal cannot be considered completely cruelty-free since L’Oreal is involved with animal testing.

And while Garnier might be popular due to the various natural ingredients they use, however, they do test on animalsGiorgio Armani

8. Giorgio Armani

testing on animals

Since Giorgio Armani products are sold in China, which requires animal testing, thus the brand cannot be considered completely cruelty-free even if they don’t do the animal testing on their own.

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