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The Waterfront Group: Leading the Way In Investments and Wealth Management


What is “The Waterfront Group?” 

The Waterfront Group is a leading wealth management and investment team with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth that is based in Burlington Ontario. Headed by Dan Wynnyk and Lance McDonald, the Team subscribes to a family office approach ensuring that all our clients advisors (investment, legal and tax) work together in a coordinated manner.

What exactly does “The Waterfront Group” do? 

It all starts with getting to know the people we work for…our clients.  Yes we construct well-diversified investment portfolios, and yes we select investment strategies that are designed to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns in all market environments.  All of this with an end-result in mind.  To help our clients figure out what it Is they want out of life, but also tailor a plan to show how their investments can support those goals.

Why do your clients work with you? 

We have become well-known for our objectivity and unbiased advice. Our trust is earned through transparency, accountability and results. Clients also quickly discover that there is more to our relationship than just dollars and cents. They all have my personal number says Wynnyk. It is not uncommon that I get a call text from a client on a Saturday or Sunday evening when they have a issue that cannot wait until Monday at 9am. The dynamic of my client relationships evolve into friendships, resulting in our team working for their entire family.

Who can benefit from working with The Waterfront Group? 

For private clients who have $1M and institutional clients that have $10M or more of investable assets, The Waterfront Group has a suite of services and investments that can offer tremendous value.  Though the majority of our clients are business owners, medical professionals, musicians and artists…our “white glove” financial planning process and wealth management strategies are suitable and beneficial for all investors.  Whether you’re using an RRSP to save for retirement, withdrawing from your RRIF in retirement or tweaking your corporate structure as you grow a business; we will always focus on minimizing risk, tax efficiency, capital preservation and legacy planning.

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