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Denis Pakhaliuk on Trends to Look Out For In-App Development



It has been nearly a year since the COVID 19 pandemic struck and brought everyday life to a standstill. Billions of people were rendered immobile and resigned to the safety of their homes. As this happened, we have had to find ways to keep ourselves busy while indoors, and reliance on technology and the internet has been felt on levels not previously experienced. When this period began, web traffic and e-commerce turnover inevitably soared to new heights. Mobile apps for social media, gaming, and entertainment platforms were taken up en-masse to distract people from their unusually static state. 

Even as life begins to regain normalcy, this reliance on our devices remains. Businesses that wish to create value and achieve their objectives need to keep up with app development trends to connect with their customers, who have been spending more time than ever on their devices. This subject matter is the playing field for a company like Ramotion. Led by Denis Pakhaliuk, Ramotion has a wealth of experience in developing apps and digital content for companies to navigate the surging waves of the expansive online ocean. According to Ramotion, the following are trends you should look out for in the development of apps: 

Mobile Payment and e-Wallet integration 

In the trying times of nationwide lockdowns, businesses have had to move their sales online to survive. They have had to integrate mobile payment solutions onto their apps to ease paying for goods and services. Not surprisingly, cases of online scams and fraud have risen commensurately. One must consult professionals like Denis Pakhaliuk has experts who can ensure such systems are built efficiently, with the user in mind, and maintaining the highest security and integrity of these transactions.  


With the increase in customers’ online interaction with businesses, chatbots’ deployment has been a growing trend to keep your eye on. Chatbots help to answer customer queries in real-time and are thus crucial in attracting and retaining customers. Denis Pakhaliuk and his team at Ramotion have tried and tested experience in UI/UX design; therefore, they are no strangers to this growing online customer service aspect.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration and Wearables

The integration of everyday devices to apps has been a hallmark of technological advancement in the last ten years. They have become part and parcel of lifestyles. Smart homes, smart appliances, IoT healthcare devices, and wearables, like smartwatches and trackers, have become the norm. People collect and analyze lots of data, seeking to monitor the state of their health or simply enhance their comfort. This betterment realm presents a precious opportunity for businesses to create value, something right up the alley of firms like Denis Pakhaliuk’s Ramotion, whose app development agency is involved in the product development of such solutions. 

The industry holds unprecedented gains for those businesses that continuously keep abreast of the tech scene’s application trends. As has been often said, if your business cannot operate online, it does not exist. This expresses the need for you to invest in those who are experts in digital content. For this, look no further than Ramotion, under the leadership of their founder Denis Pakhaliuk.

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