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The Secret Language of Colors


In the fashion industry, colors play the most important part of dressing. Every color has a different connotation and effect on the person wearing it. Apparel is like a second skin and like a chameleon you can change your colors to influence how others perceive you. A person’s individuality is reflected with the color they wear most. Sometimes we just feel more comfortable wearing certain colors but the colors we pick are subconsciously based on our deeper personality traits.

Red is the color of passion, love, anger and the most emotionally intense color. While red is definitely regarded as a sexy color that draws attention and is best worn by those with an outgoing personality and loads of self-confidence. Red also makes the wearer look heavier and is an appetite stimulant.
Tip: If one is fond of the color red but don’t want to go all out, use it as an accent, like red shoes or red belt with neutral colored clothes.

Blue is known for its calm and serene characteristics, making people feel peaceful and content. Since blue tends to make people feel comfortable, it inadvertently boosts self-confidence and ambition. Blue stimulates a chemical reaction in the body, producing feelings of peace and tranquility, so blue is the perfect shade for yoga apparel.

Tip: Wear blue to job interviews because it has been shown to symbolize loyalty. For a fun day out, go for lighter and brighter shades of blue jeans rather than the usual.

Yellow is the brightest of all the color and is associated with optimism, energy, creativity, and playfulness, however, yellow is also worn by those who are irritable and ready to fight. If you’re wearing yellow to be cheery, it would be best to stick with a soft, pastel yellow rather than a bright yellow.

Tip: Yellow is known to speed up metabolism, so wear yellow when hitting the gym or going for a jog. Yellow is also known to heal, so wear yellow when unwell.

Green is the color of nature and healing. A calming and refreshing color, it’s easy on the eye and has relaxing properties.

Tip: Invest in a pair of green denims this monsoon. Forest/khaki green is more masculine whereas girls can opt for shades of emerald green.


Orange is another color full of energy. It screams of fun times and playful personalities with just hint of a creative edge. Orange shows the wearer has confidence and because of its bright nature, it also tells people you are ambitious and not afraid to be heard. Wearing orange is a fantastic way to stand out.

Tip: Tangerine Orange is the pick of the season. Guys can go for an orange polo t-shirt with jeans. Girls can play with an orange skirt or shorts with a cute top.


Purple is the color or mystery and royalty because usually kings and queens are typically seen draped in long, velvety purple robes. It represents luxury, royalty, wealth and sophistication. Purple is best worn by those who are innately unique.

Tip: Purple gives a formal look so guys can go for a deep purple shirt with black trousers or a black shirt with a slim purple tie for evening wear and girls who prefer wearing black can substitute it with deep purple instead.

Pink symbolizes feminity and innocent romance but is worn by both men and women who aren’t opposed to having a good time.  A pastel pink is good to wear on a first date because it shows the other person that you’re capable of being compassionate, romantic and in love!

Tip: Men, who think wearing pink is gay- bullshit. Boys who can carry off pink with confidence are very hot!

White is the purest of all colors. It is said to promote an innocent and a clean outlook on life. Those who wear white appear level-headed, optimistic, and stable. Be forewarned, though, that discolored or faded white can have the opposite effect. White that isn’t quite bright can make one appear outdated, morose, and overall unsavory.

Tip: A well fitted white cotton shirt is a must have in every guy n girl’s wardrobe, be it any season.

Black is associated with authority and respect. Additionally, it is a “safe” color because it’s often worn by those looking to go unnoticed and left alone and is undoubtedly the most slimming color. Its hands-down the most stylish and timeless color in the world of fashion.

Tip: Every woman should own at least one little black dress and every man should own a smart black shirt.

This is not the most extensive list and everyone has different opinions, so do what is most important and wear what you “feel” comfortable in. But if you are still scratching your head deciding which color t-shirt or dress to wear every day, one last tip:
Color of the day
Sunday: Pink
Monday: Blue
Tuesday: Red, Orange
Wednesday: Green
Thursday: Yellow
Friday: White
Saturday: Black, Purple, Grey


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