Here is one beauty pageant that aims to spread awareness with just the fact that it exists.

Bangalore is a fairly diverse city with a mixed population. It is also home to the biggest African community in India.

One Team Africa is an organization that brings the African community together by hosting and organizing this beauty pageant.

Deborah Mbathe, one of the organizers said, “Africa is mistaken to be a country. Seldom do people understand the fact that it is a continent with about 54 countries. Africans in Bangalore are from different nations with different traditions and culture. Hence, this is an effort to provide them an opportunity to get together, showcase their talents and represent their countries as well.”

This pageant provides a platform and an opportunity for this community to raise their voices against any harm caused and also to raise awareness about their diverse culture while increasing self-acceptance in society.

Peace Uzoigwe, one of the judges of the contest points out “This initiative has helped to redefine beauty, breaking stereotypes and to truly celebrate diversity. It has made the girls develop confidence and take responsibilities of their future at a young age.”

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Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Hindu, Economic Times, 101 India

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