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The importance of management with Matt Llewellyn


Managing recording artists is not an easy job. It takes a lot of intelligence and perseverance to balance business, personal and professional needs. Matt Llewellyn is one such manager redefining what it looks like in the industry. He is rightly labeled a jack of all trades. He is a music manager, attorney, real estate investor and stakeholder at Supervsn Studios. He is the Founder of Dark Horse Management, a full-service music management company behind some of the industry’s best up and coming artists on the west coast. He specializes in bringing together equity partners on well-located assets. He’s also an advocate and early investor in cryptocurrency and BTC and is a strong proponent of Blockchain technology.

Matt is a vibrant entrepreneur who believes in redefining what music management looks like. Outwardly, it looks like by touching on multiple areas of business while working to inspire young artists and executives to use their resources to invest and make smart business decisions. He feels a good manager requires much more than just focusing on analytics and growing a fanbase and streams. “My primary focus is to propel my artists further in their music careers, but it’s equally important to help them make smart investment decisions, so they can have multiple income streams in the future,” Llewellyn said. He works off the ideology that investing and saving early is the key.

He has turned his interest in mentoring and teaching young artists and executives the importance of money management and real estate investing. Lately, he has worked with DJ HED (Radio DJ at 92.3 and featured on the Netflix show Rhythm + Flow), Ricky Lawson (A&R at Parkwood for Beyonce), Gavin McNeill (the Founder of Supervsn Studios and Creative Director of 4 Hunnid with YG), Solomon Sobande (Manager of the late XXX Tentacion and StaySolid Rocky), and CVBZ (platinum and gold singer/songwriter).

He believes artists are businesses in their own right and recognizes the power of sharing knowledge, helping artists to create a secure financial nest. “I want to build an empire with my artists, music is just the tool that gets them there.”

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