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The Honor 8: A Mobile Phone Specifically Aimed At The Millennials!


Despite the millennials forming such a paramount portion of the demographic, there have been no attempts to create a smartphone tailored according to their mindset.

One of the primary aspects of millennials is their need to stand out. They love their individuality, they don’t want something that’s made for everyone.

The Honor 8 changes that. Finally, the millennials have a phone that resonates with their personalities.




The dual-lens camera with a solid 12 megapixel is perfect for the millennials’ adventurous attitude as well as their inevitable social media sharing.

For the more professional of photographers, it also has professional shooting and editing modes which enhance the quality of the pictures.



Millennials love unconventional designs. Honor 8 is completely distinctive from the standard norm that a majority of the smartphones  seem to follow. The aesthetics are certainly one of the primary qualities of the honor 8.

Additionally, the Honor 8 also boasts of an exceptionally fast fingerprint reader.

Battery: One of the most annoying inconveniences caused to millennials is unreasonably quick battery drainage. Nobody wants to spend multiple hours in a day on simply charging their phones.

Boasting of a 300 mAh battery, Honor 8 claims to be capable of 10 hours of offline video streaming as well as 1.77 days of normal usage.

Performance: The Honor 8 handles itself well in terms of performance. Its 2.3 GHz processor allows it to run smoothly even amidst heavy multitasking.

On top of that, the fantastic display of its 5.2-inch 1080P FHD screen just adds the cherry on top of its features.

The versatile camera, aesthetic and unorthodox design, long running battery combined with a fast processor and excellent display checks all the boxes in terms of the gruelling demands of the Millennials.

And perhaps, its greatest USP is the value for money it provides. Starting at $400 or Rs 26,000, it matches all the features of the high-end mobile brands, even outscoring them in some aspects.

The only glaring downside is the lack of brand name. Honor does not command the same standing in the market as Apple or Samsung do. So, it’s a major doubt that the very millennials they are targeting would be willing to shift their allegiance to the Honor 8.

A majority of the millennials swear by Iphones. They do not acknowledge the fact that there are products out their which are much more efficient and won’t burn a hole in their pockets.

If the millennials do somehow change their rigid mentality, the Honor 8 could definitely become quite the hit.

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