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This morning when I woke up, I knew I could sleep more, and more.


Because my prestigious End-Sem examinations just ended. It’s like completing the last episode of a Netflix series. You are relaxed yet perplexed. Perplexed as to what am I going to do now?

Where do I head to?

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Shit, I don’t have an internship yet.

Do I have vacation plans?

OMG, that b**** is going on a Europe tour and I’m here sitting in my pajamas wondering why my left nose hole has more hair than the right one.

Examinations are like break-up or depression. They are the worst thing you can go through but when you are over it, you are happy yet a tabula rasa i.e, a blank slate.

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One of the few things I do after examinations is to convince my friends to go on a trip. And my friends, being the suave and wonderful people they are, never disappoint me. They instead disappoint their father’s sperm by giving the most stupid, brainless, ignorant, unintelligent, obtuse, idiotic and moronic excuse they could find on the internet.

Reasons Excuses like:

“You know Uttarakhand is overrated.”

“It is too far. Suggest someplace close.”

“It might rain. You know floods are rampant in India.”

And most epic excuse award goes to:

3 idiots dialogue
The phattu friend we all have.

All my vacation plans are like Justin Bieber’s music, they are obsolete and only lip synced.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go check tickets to go on a family trip to Shirdi. Yes, Shirdi. A place where the invisible (read: non-existent) God sits on a sofa made of real gold while the bhakts sit on the floor and, well, act like bhakts.

So much fun.

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  1. That was a very well thought post about what we literally all go through after our exams.
    Great job there prateek!

  2. That was a very well thought post about what we literally all go through after our exams. The empty feeling is always there.
    Great job there prateek!


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