These are extremely sensitive times indeed, where even the smallest of things can trigger people who are not going to be silent about it anymore. The presence of social media platforms has allowed a lot of people to call out many wrongs and also target other posts that they find to be harmful or insulting towards any community or group.

In such times, it is extremely important that one, especially if they are a person of a decent following, choose their words carefully before posting it online. The recent case with comedian Samay Raina is one example of that.

What Happened?

Samay Raina is an Indian comedian and gained some popularity when he won the second season of Comicstaan in 2018.

On 5th July, Raina posted on his Twitter that “Parso maine aadha ghanta sochke meri girlfriend pe ek funny tweet likha tha, usko pasand nahi aaya toh usne delete karwa diya, kal ko jabh mai abortion karwaane bolu tabh mat bolna my body my choice (I wrote a funny tweet on my girlfriend after thinking for half-an-hour. She didn’t like it so she made me delete it. Now, if I tell her to get an abortion, she shouldn’t say my body, my rules).” 

Very quickly the tweet went viral on the platform, with many not really appreciating the contents of the tweet and felt it was extremely insensitive of the comedian to be saying such stuff.

Seeing all the backlash he was getting, Raina quickly added a clarification, however, even that had a joke in it and only added fuel to fire. He said “Had made a simple joke saying my girlfriend made me delete my funny tweet, so I guess I can now make her delete her fetus’. It was an obviously ironical joke. She didn’t like the joke and said I needed to change it immediately and I did. The joke now begins with ‘My ex-girlfriend.”

Raina’s tweets did not hit the mark with many people who just got more and more pissed off with how lightly the comedian was taking it all.

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People have certainly not been shy of calling out Raina on his blase attitude towards the very heavy implications of his so-called joke. Even if we disregard the Roe v Wade and Supreme Court issue as being an American problem, there are still a lot of problems regarding abortions in India till date.

Female foeticide is still a very terrifying reality and the autonomy of women of their own bodies is still a battle being fought.

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