On Sunday, the Jantar Mantar area in Delhi saw a lot of commotion after the Delhi Police pushed, shoved and even detained several Indian wrestlers and some others.

A lot of videos came out of what was happening at the protest site and how the police tried to stop the wrestlers from marching towards the new parliament building that was witnessing its inauguration ceremony conducted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, the wrestlers were stopped from staging a demonstration at the new building especially calling out the presence of Wrestling Federation chief (WFI) Brij Bhushan Singh against whom all these wrestlers have been protesting since months.

For over months now, wrestlers from across the country have been protesting against Bushan who is also a BJP MP on various allegations including sexual harassment.

They have been demanding his resignation and appropriate punishment as per law but the police authorities are not taking the proper measures as per them and causing delays or not taking any action. Around 700 protesters were detained across the city including Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik and Bajrang Punia with them being released after several hours only.

Soon after an ex-IPS officer tweeted out how the police is not afraid to shoot and that they will meet at the postmortem table. To this ace wrestler, Bajrang Punia replied back with as much sharpness.

What Did Bajrang Punia Say?

In response, Bajrang Punia tweeted out saying

“ye IPC officer hamein goli maarane kee baat kar raha hai. bhai saamane khade hain, bata kahaan aana hai goli khaane… qasam hai peeth nahin dikhaenge, seene pe khayenge teri goli. yo hee reh gaya hai ab hamaare saath karana to yo bhi sahi

(This IPS officer is talking about shooting us. Brother, I am standing in front here. Tell me where to come to get shot… I swear that I will not show my back, I will take your bullet on my chest. This is what has remained, now it is right to do with us.)”

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Bajrang Punia wrestler protest

What Did The Ex-IPS Officer Say?

On 28th May, Dr NC Asthana an ex-IPS officer had written in Hindi in a tweet that “Will even shoot if necessary. But not because of your saying. Right now he has just been dragged and thrown away like a sack of garbage. Article 129 gives the police the right to shoot. Under proper circumstances, that wish will also be fulfilled. But to know that it is necessary to be educated. See you again at the postmortem table!”.

Apparently, as per reports, Dr Asthana was referring to new reports claiming that Punia had dared the cops to open fire on the protesters. Dr. Asthana is apparently a nuclear physicist and had served previously as assistant director general in paramilitary forces BSF and CRPF.

The former Kerala director general of police (DGP) also added later on that “Some fools doubt the right of the police to shoot. If you can read English, then read the decision of the Supreme Court in Akhilesh Prasad’s case. Those illiterate who cannot read, it is good advice not to test this right. Wives will be widowed and children orphaned without any reason! stay fit.”

Rajya Sabha MP Priyanka Chaturvedi also called out the former IPS officer’s comments saying “Former IPS officer, now a full time foul mouthed human. Where & When did our country’s training for such noble services go so wrong?”

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