The demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has left the entire film industry and his fans surprised, heartbroken, and mournful.

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in his Bandra House on 14th June, leaving people shocked and upset

The Kai Po Che actor committed suicide in his Bandra house on the 14th of June. Allegedly, the actor had been suffering from depression for quite a few months now.

Suhrita Sengupta, a writer and a close associate of Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, has revealed new information in this case today.

Suhrita Sengupta has made new revelations in the Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case

New Revelations In SSR’s Case

Suhrita Sengupta met Sushant for the first time in Mahesh Bhatt’s company when he came to meet Mr. Bhatt for a role in the movie Sadak 2. She remembers him as a talker who could speak on quantum physics as well as cinema.

According to her, Sushant was not in the best place when she met him that day. 

Having seen the similar signs in the late actress Parveen Babi, Mahesh Bhatt instantly recognized them in Sushant also. He advised him to take medication and as per Sengupta, Sushant’s then-alleged girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty also did her absolute best to ensure that the late actor takes his meds on time.

Mahesh Bhatt recalled Parveen Babi when he met with Sushant Singh Rajput and saw him struggling with depression

However, Sushant refused to do so as per the film writer. When Sushant was sinking deep into depression, then Rhea, against all odds, stuck on beside him at all times for as long as she could before breaking up with him.

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According to what Sengupta has reportedly said, things changed when Sushant began hearing voices inside his head. Allegedly he started to have the ill-feeling that he was going to be killed. 

As per Sengupta he also once confessed to Rhea while watching an Anurag Kashyap film that he turned down an offer to work in his film, so he would kill him now.

Rhea Chakraborty stuck with the actor and boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput for as long as she could

During the last one year, he had cut himself completely from all outside contact. Rhea was with him until she could take it no longer. There came a time when Sushant began hearing voices. He began to feel people were trying to kill him. One day an Anurag Kashyap film was playing in Sushant’s home and he told Rhea, “I said no to an offer from Kashyap. Now he’s going to come to kill me.’ That’s when Rhea was too frightened to stay with Sushant any longer,” says Suhrita.

Frightened, Rhea could not bear with it anymore. Mahesh Bhatt stood by her decision of leaving him. It was important for Rhea’s peace of mind.

So, reportedly Rhea left as soon as Sushant’s sisters came to Mumbai to look after him. But even his sisters’ advice did not work and he was firm in his decision of not taking the prescribed medicines.

Ultimately, Sengupta states that depression took a permanent seat in his life and he just started to remain conservative and alone with his thoughts. Sadly, a young and talented soul fell prey to depression and we could do nothing about it.

While many believe that Sushant was pushed over the edge by people in the industry to take this drastic step, this narrative by Suhrita Sengupta depicts him as somewhat schizophrenic, mentally unstable and essentially some sort of freak. There are speculations that Mahesh Bhatt fed this story to media just to clear his daughter’s name from the picture and that it is a well fed lie to smear the late actor’s name.

Of course, there is no sure way of distinguishing the actual truth from paid stories yet. However, if this story turns out to be just a lie, then it is plain immoral, shameful and disgusting.

Whether this story was planted in the media or not (we found it on National Herald as sourced below), how true this narrative is, is Mahesh Bhatt doing all this to protect his daughter Alia is to be seen and found out.

Readers are requested to not assume every claim and revelation as 100% true and just regard it is as a possibility.

Depression and mental well being are real things! Make sure to look out for your loved ones and to those who are screaming for help inside.

Update: Many news sites like (Times of India, News18, Jagran) claim Mukesh bhatt to be saying all this, instead of Mahesh Bhatt (as reported by National Herald originally).

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Sources: National Herald, Reality Post

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  1. Now they’ll try their best to put a ‘mentally unstable’ tag on sushant, while covering the names of the culprits. Most of the industry producers are responsible for his death, as they teamed up against casting him. Karan Johar’s name always floats somehow, the flagbearer of nepotism. Couldn’t just be a coincidence.

  2. This all lie and bullshit you have written… I mean guys have some humanity have some soul or you have sold it to these people …i mean how cheap are you …he was an intelligent and talented person and the things that you have written is all lie because when you will go to Rhea’s account na she has posted photos and videos which was filmed at Sushant Singh’s house and it was get filmed by his own friend who was living with him along with Rhea and the dates are recent can go and check it so they didn’t do any break up year ago or something …just because you want to remove the name of some of nepotism players and that’s why you are posting all this bullshit so that now people can easily believe you…have some humanity don’t just get sold…you should be ashamed of yourself and i will pray that you should all face very bad no very worst consequences in your life whosoever is involved in this inhumane act.shame on you because you are one of them


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