The second half of 2019 has been rough for Spider-Man. No, not the character; the franchise. If being tossed around by mommy and daddy- Marvel and Sony, for the exclusive rights wasn’t enough, the unnamed Spider-Man 3 movie, starring Tom Holland has already found itself in a mess of ‘possible’ plot leak.

The unnamed Spider-Man 3 starring Tom Holland, which is set to release on July 16, 2021, will start from where the last spidey movie, Far From Home ended. 

The movie plot was leaked on ‘4Chan’, a Reddit group where the plots of the major movies get leaked. They revealed Far From Home as well as the plot points from season 7 and 8 of Game Of Thrones.

Gotta say it was pretty spot on.

So, hold on tightly, coz SPOILERS AHEAD!

Marvel’s Untitled Spider-Man 3’s possible title

Exposition Scene

The movie starts with Spider-Man, now revealed as Peter Parker being hunted down by the law for murdering Mysterio. Unable to find a lawyer and clear his name, he ends up in a maximum-security prison.

Note: Sorry, no lawyer means no hope for us of seeing a Matthew Murdock aka Daredevil intro or a cameo.

Right off the bat, the movie starts with a dark tone. In the prison, Peter ends up getting beaten up by the inmates and guards. Turns out, a mysterious guy named “The Benefactor” has put a bounty on his head.

Soon he gets transferred to a different prison and on his way, his transfer van gets attacked by *wait for it* Kraven, the Hunter.

Marvel’s Kraven, The Hunter

Turns out being terminally ill, it’s Kraven’s last hunt and he wants to savor it – typical predator style.

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Rising Action

Peter escapes and contacts Happy Hogan. Happy directs him to a SHIELD agent named Jessica Drew, who believes that Peter is innocent and is willing to help him get rid of Kraven. Oh, Peter also manages to get his hands on his home-made suit and web-shooters.

Note: Jessica Drew is the character in the comics who also goes by the name of Spider-Woman.

Possible Spider-Woman appearance in the next Spider-Man movie?


Mysterio is revealed to be “The Benefactor”, who is trying to kill Spider-Man before he returns since Peter is the only witness to his crimes.

Also, Mysterio has probably employed Kraven for the job. 

Kraven and Mysterio in Spider-Man comics

Surprisingly, it is revealed that it is none other than Norman Osborn who is acting as Mysterio’s “Benefactor”.


Frustrated, angry and on the run, we see a brutal final battle between Spider-Man and Kraven. We see a darker version of Spider-Man as he nearly kills Kraven from whom he gets Mysterio’s location.

The movie then comes close to its end with a big fight between Mysterio and Spider-Man. The fight is expected to be quite like that of Far From Home, inside a giant illusion.

Cover page of Spider-Man comics with Mysterio as the villain


Norman, who is actually running for Mayor publicly exposes Mysterio and takes credit for clearing Spider-Man’s name, to shift public opinion in his favor.


After having his secret identity being not so secret anymore, Peter reunites with his friends and family. 

The END.

Kidding, there’s more.


With his identity being still an issue, Peter goes on to meet *wait for it* Doctor Strange at the Sanctum to do something to make the world forget his alternate identity. Drop curtains.

Spider-Man meeting Dr. Strange and asking for help in the comics

Whew! That’s a lot, right? Actually, it seems quite well planned. Like, in Far From Home, we did see Peter showing signs of PTSD after being snapped by Thanos. Also, I think, from Far From Home and more prominently in Spider-Man 3, Marvel will take a darker approach in their movies.

It also sets the tone for dark storylines of Marvel’s What If…? and Blade.  With May 7, 2021, as the release of ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and being called Marvel’s entry in the horror genre, this plot of Spider-man fits perfectly.

Marvel’s movie list for the next phase

What’s your opinion about this leaked plot? Excited for the new addition of villains in Spidey’s ‘Sinister Six‘? Write down in the comments below.

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