Having shared the stage with some of the biggest celebrities, this outstanding music performer has enthralled the audience every bit.

July 23: Muzaffar, more popularly known as Zaff, has set the stage on fire wherever he has performed as a DJ, and the audiences’ have had an exhilarating experience in his company. Not only commoners but even celebrities vouch for the kind of fire he ignites through his playing skills, which sets the audiences grooving to his beats. His music selections are a big hit with the crowds, which grace the events he is performing in, and this has been observed since the time he set his foot behind the console during his initial debut as a DJ. Zaff says that you are not an effective music player unless you get every single person in the room on their feet.

He has been a big hit wherever he has performed as a DJ, and that’s evident with the number of shows he does every year, which are way above his contemporaries. Amongst the various music genres he plays, Bollywood gets an unbelievable response hand down, and why not, as his mixes add that special flavour to any song that sets the moods swinging. This tall, Arabian-bearded professional guarantees that none of the parties he hosts has a dull moment as he has some spectacular music running back to back, which wow the audiences big time. He is a master at mixing tunes and wins blindly in this department, as we have never experienced the hysteria he creates when he is behind the console elsewhere.

On being asked about how he successfully engages huge crowds by spinning music, Zaff says, “winning over the crowds is the only criteria a good DJ should possess. There should never be a dull moment when you are mixing music as there has to be constant engagement with the crowd, which you should make sure never settle down and are always on their toes. That’s the mark of a true professional.” His high energy and pulsating music have lit up many events, and he continues to carry on with the same enthusiasm he started way back, and says that he always aims to go a step further than before, and that’s what makes him a favourite of people who love grooving to his music.


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