There is a big reason why fans in today’s time are perhaps more revered than even the actors. Because in present time, fans have shown their extremely high creativity level and what all lengths they can go to in order to show their appreciation towards a certain movie or show.

From creating posters, life-sized statues, making the movie or its promotion go viral and more, fans today have a lot of power and can make or break a movie.

A movie is truly considered to have attained a certain status when fans create their own covers of the songs from the movie. Be it a mash-up, be it covering a song from the movie’s album, or be it creating fan-made videos in relation to the movie, all are ways that fans show their interest and appreciation. Basically doing so, is a way for fans to say that they enjoy the content of this movie and felt it good enough to put in all that time and effort to make a cover from it.

Bareilly Ki Barfi is one such movie that, is already a topic of interest to the audience and has acquired a sizeable fanbase, who are showing their love for the movie in a number of creative ways.

Here are some of them:

1. Sweety Tera Drama To Badrinath Ki Dulhania:

This mashup is pretty much perfect as mashups go. The creator has made a mashup of Sweety Tera Drama, a song from Bareilly Ki Barfi and the video of Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya title track, Badri Ki Dulhaniya.

From the sync of the music to the frames, the creator has even managed to make it seem as if the actors themselves are singing those words.

You can watch the mashup here:

2. Nazm Nazm Cover by Raga:

Although this song has prompted a lot of covers on YouTube, this cover of Nazm Nazm by Raga was one of the few that captured my attention.

The singer has a soulful voice and the deep lyrics of the song are only enhanced by his voice.

You can listen to the cover here:

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3. Sweety Tera Drama Dance Cover by DancePeople Studios:

This song was bound to create a hoard of dance covers considering the preppy beats of the song, but this dance cover by KiranJ of Dancepeople Studios is one that is especially enjoyable to watch.

You can watch the cover here:

4. Sweety Tera Drama Dance Cover by Dh Sirr:

While the above dance cover was more on the lines of the original with majorly Indian steps, this dance cover takes a different take by adding bits of hip-hop and western style of dancing which actually works in very well with the song.

The cover is here:

5. Nazm Nazm Cover by Rahul Sengupta:

Another cover of the song Nazm Nazm, this one tilts more towards being a sweet rendition of the song.

You can find the cover here:

6. Guitar Cover Lesson of Nazm Nazm:

If one cannot sing but instead want to learn how to play this song, this guitar cover lesson of the song Nazm Nazm is pretty good. The tutor takes you through the entire song and explains everything on how to play it.

You can listen to it here:

Image Credits: YouTube and Google Images

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