Some Cool Digital Banking Features You Should Start Using Right Now!

If the future of banking was ‘Going Digital’, the future is right here right now.

It’s hard to imagine what banking looked like a decade back. A time, when transactions involved less voodoo, and more standing in long queues in front of a kiosk or a cubicle.


Image Credits: andertoons
Image Credits: andertoons

Of course, plastic money (credit cards and debit cards) made lives easier but digital banking has expanded off-site services radically more by equipping users to access almost every banking need within the reach of their fingertips on their mobile devices.

So, whether you are looking to open a new account, or a good deal on a home loan, or mulling over investment options, you are not going to be disappointed. Click 1…Click 2… Click 3… And voila! Meet your banking best friends!

Interactive websites provide a number of very intelligent features that address every kind of banking needs, whether personal, business or corporate. They are packed with features which are presented in a well laid out fashion pushing service feasibility to new heights.

Are you making good use of that bank website you frequent? Worry no more! Right here, we bring for you a go-to list of the coolest features in digital banking you should do anything but miss out on!


Image Credits: acamstoday
Image Credits: acamstoday

A feature I like to use a lot, and almost every bank offers. Did you know E-wallet has made payments even less cumbersome than regular net-banking? You can just use it like a virtual debit card wherever you go, no tension of carrying money, or even cards, on yourself!

From paying for your coffee to instant recharging your DTH, e-wallet has got everything covered.

Social Media Transactions:

Image Credits: Linkedin
Image Credits: Linkedin

What if I told you that you could send money to your friends and family over a text? Last year, you wouldn’t have believed me, but this year you will!

Various banks have developed multi-social payment solutions to facilitate their customers to conduct transactions through apps like Facebook, Twitter, What’s App and more. Yes, even to people holding accounts in different banks than yours.

Online Loan Generator:

Image Credits: Axis Bank
Image Credits: Axis Bank

Need a personal loan? Planning to buy a new car? Want loans against shares or gold? I recall a time, not far back, when that would mean chasing after a loan agent who more than often duped you. But, not anymore.

With everything going digital, you can contact a bank directly through their websites and even familiarize yourself with their products, various schemes, terms and conditions ahead. No middleman needed!

So if, for example, you are looking for a home loan for a 2BHK, you can check your eligibility, calculate suitable EMI, even apply for a loan on the website. A well laid out FAQs section and dedicated customer support boosts reliability too.  Transparency is guaranteed since everything is under your control!


Image Credits: gateawayforex
Image Credits: gateawayforex

Gone are those days when transferring money to your children or relatives abroad meant waiting for the bank branch to open, then again, waiting for long hours send the money. Digital banking has integrated global economy radically, making overseas transactions almost instantaneous!

Also, today’s banks provide international travel-currency Forex cards that secure international travelling even more. No need to worry about where to stash your cash, just take your card and get going!

Speed Banking:

Image Credits: i-scoop
Image Credits: i-scoop

That handy lil tab tucked in a corner, which speed up digital transactions and queries even more! If you have been skeptical about their sufficiency, bunk that, and type in your details next time for ultra-fast digital banking.

This was our round-up of indispensable digital banking solutions. Trust me, liberal usage of these will chase away all your regular banking woes. After all, they have been customized to keep up  with the tech-savvy millennials.

Do you have more features to add to this list? Tell us below!

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