Is A Solo Batman Movie By Ben Affleck The Need Of The Hour To Revive DC Films?

Batman has been an iconic character for a long time in the DC Universe and was the only saving grace in BvS. But can a solo movie with Ben Affleck really revive a shaky franchise? We find out :

Zack Snyder has successfully managed to pile up 2 movies which were below our expectations and now, Ben Affleck has taken matters into his own hands.

If rumors are to be belived, he is single handedly leading the project of the untitled Batman movie.

Affleck’s portrayal of The Caped Crusader was the only saving grace in Batman v Superman : Dawn Of Justice and received plenty of appreciation compared to Henry Cavill, but after the apocalyptic screwup that Suicide Squad turned out to be, changes became necessary.

Ben Affleck has enjoyed his stint as Batman, so far.
Ben Affleck has enjoyed his stint as Batman, so far.

Suicide Squad wasn’t all bad, though. The story just needed better execution in a world which was full of multiple characters. Not to forget, Margot Robbie was stunning as Harley Quinn.

Margot Robbie received universal acclaim for her role.
Margot Robbie received universal acclaim for her role.

But even though the movie made north of 700 million (which broke the record of Captain America : Civil War and several other Marvel movies) and BvS made over 870 million in revenue, the critical reaction was far more positive to only selected elements :

1. The Ultimate / director’s cut edition of BvS.

2. The character development of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

So, in order to save a franchise which is competing against a properly established one (courtesy of a headstart, 8 years ago), DC needs to think differently and operate his new-found DC Films with careful approach.

Ben Affleck recently released footage which showed the appearance of Deathstroke and now it has been confirmed that he’ll be appearing in the solo Batman movie.

It has also led to some news that the solo outing of The Dark Knight will be borrowing elements from the video games series, “Batman : Arkham”.

To see a newer and fresher approach with Affleck’s approach, it is safe to say that even after Suicide Squad and the hype around Justice League, I could bet my money on this. Why? Here’s the answer :

We’ve seen that Affleck can direct well (Argo), we’ve seen his Batman portrayal and loved it and the fact that he’s collaborating with DC star-man Geoff Johns, you know there’s something coming.

Geoff Johns, who is working with Ben Afflefk on his solo movie.
Geoff Johns, who is working with Ben Affleck on his solo movie.

With Justice League right around the corner and it’s Part 2 confirmed for 2018, a newer and fresher approach to an already lauded character with a different director would surely be a catalyst in making this franchise better.

Zack Snyder, although a master at providing attention to detail, often inculcates a very dark and gritty tone to his characters to which Bat-fleck can provide a balance.

It was also confirmed by the higher authorities in DC that the solo movie will be out in a “year and a half”, so you know that’s enough to get anybody excited.

Will this revive the DC franchise along with The Justice League? I won’t bet against it.

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