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When Your Smartphone Starts Acting Like Your Life


By Ayesha Bashir

So, lately, my smartphone has been giving me the hardest time but has in fact made me realize, that it is a lot similar to the lives we lead. All of you will be able to relate to this I’m sure. To make sense of what I’m talking about, please read further.

1. Battery Life: This one we all can relate to, I’m sure. Back in the days when you had the basic Nokia phone, battery wasn’t such a problem, 1% left yet lasts a day. Now in the era of smartphones, charged 100% you take one selfie (well actually 89! But anyway) and Bamm! *connect your charger*


Similarly, when in our hay days, we used to be little kids, we could take on a war and still have enough energy to play ‘baraf pani’ all over the place. When we grow up however, sleep becomes our most cherished treasure. May not even have done enough for the day, but always need our charger ‘The Bed’.

2. Stops responding: This I swear, is the most annoying thing for me when I open any application of my phone and it says:

            ‘******* not responding. Do you want to close the application?

Report              Wait      Ok

Well, right now I just want to throw your stubborn ass in front of a truck that’s on fire falling off a cliff.


Just like that, in our lives we have moments when our love life, our work front or social life stops responding and asks if we want to wait and keep trying harder or should we close the app, this is when  we get frustrated and irritated by everything around us. So it’s time for us to close that app, take a break and try again later.

3. Close ones on Speed dial: Smartphones automatically tend to put those numbers that you have called more frequently on a speed dial, like it knows your shit, even if it’s the number of that person you’re pestering for notes during exams, but well, face it, she/he is the most important at that time, right?

speed dial

This is an important indicator of who holds maximum importance for you in your life and will be there when you need them the most. They’re all the real MVPs! So open your speed dial and see what the top 4 or 5 numbers are. Not if you have exams though. :p

4. Memory space running out: Even though capable of holding large amounts of data, there comes a time when you cannot save or download anything new on your phone as a result of shortage of space. Your phone then notifies you to get rid of the old unnecessary stuff.


Life too gives you these hints, where it’s time for you to move on from old hang-ups and memories especially the bad ones, since they restrict you from letting in the good and the new in your life. You can always create a backup for the precious ones to cherish them later. Therefore, it’s never too late to delete those old, unnecessary and space taking memories in order to make way for the new better ones.

5. It’s time to switch off: When it starts to hang too much, it’s time for your poor smartphone to take a break and cool down, before it completely gives up. This makes you switch it off for a while, so that it functions better the next time you switch it on.

swtch off

Just like that, it happens once in a while, where you in life need to cool your system down and relax and to get away from the real world. Maybe go for a trip or live in solace from everyone, when you want to better discover yourself and fully realize your being. So that when you come back to reality, you are better prepared.

So, all you smart people, with no such smartphones, now you know what I’m talking about when I say, your life ain’t that different from that phone you keep cursing. There still may be a lot more things that I must have missed, for which I would like to ask you to enlighten us on.

Image Credits: Google


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