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Shri Ram Leadership Summit 2014


On 7th August 2014 CLIF, Club for Leadership, Innovation and Finance organised the Shri Ram Leadership Summit 2014. The event was crafted to inspire young minds.  It commenced with Mr. Amit Garg, Operations and Collections Leader, GE Capital(Asia Pacific) speaking his views on leadership. Sir emphasised on how important it was for young students to have a clear set of goals and to remain focused at all times. He started of well to engage the students by asking them to switch from continuously using Whatsapp to ET App, which will be of more use to him. But his prolonged speech made the audience a little impatient by the end.

The next speaker for the day was Mr. Ranjit Sinha, Director, CBI. Even though the theme of the summit was leadership, Mr. Sinha decided to talk about CBI. He began the session by screening a short interesting documentary on CBI which discussed the importance and role of the Central Bureau of Investigation, along with major cases and officials view on it. The documentary was peek into the working of CBI which surely helped many of the people , sitting in the crowd,  who want to be a part of it one day to see what it would be like. He was then followed by Mr. Madhur Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Delhi and also the youngest IPS Officer. His was a really short addressing to the gathering.  Mr. Verma elaborated on their initiative named Project Parivartan under which self defence training will be provided to the women. He talked about how Delhi Police is taking proper steps to ensure that women feel empowered and become leaders in their own fields.

But the occasion limelight was stolen by none other than Mr. Shashi Tharoor. Because of a delayed flight, he became the last speaker for the day as opposed to him being the first one as planned. He spoke for almost half an hour which was then followed by a question answer session with him. His extra effort to make the session interactive and full of humor was welcomed by all. Recollecting his last visits to SRCC as a debater back during his college times he shared his views on leadership. Discussing various types of leadership, he gave ample amount of examples starting from Greek Civilization to Napoleon to Hitler to state his difference between types of leaders. According to him a good leader is one who listens as well speaks, has ideas of his own but is also ready to know others actions and plans. The leader is not a one who likes to order and get a task done rather should be able to make his followers feel empowered and feel that it is them who contributed. His words were highly motivating and enlightening for everyone looking to become future leaders.

All in all the Shri Ram Leadership Summit 2014, organised within weeks of commencement of college was a great success. For the batch entering in the 2014 session the first event of DU saw fully crowded auditoriums, easily showing the eagerness of the fucchas of DU to be a part of these famous events.


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