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Shobha De: Should She Have Posted The Olympic’s Tweet?


Shobha De Commenting on Sports

Alright, this is almost old news now, but I feel that I just have to give me own piece on it.

The ‘it’ is renowned writer Shobha De’s tweet, in which she criticised the Indian Olympic team to have gone to Rio only to click selfies and then return empty handed.


And while I’ll be the first in line to talk for hours of how lazy Indians can be, sometimes their lack of ambition or reluctance to actually do some work really grates on my nerves. Sorry, got carried away… so yeah, I can totally understand the frustration of having people from our country not doing anything to make our country better.

But, yes, there is a but…But even I know that one must not kick a dog when it’s already down.

A lot has already been said and written over how wrong she was for tweeting such a thing. Celebrities have sent out obligatory tweets defending Indians, news channels have held panels and hour long segments dissecting each remark, reply and everything in between.

However, the one thing that has truly irked me about her tweet is how insensitive it sounds to all those players who actually worked hard and perhaps could not win.


Miss De, is a master of words and wonderfully knows how to spin them around in order to get the result that she wants. But it baffles me a bit to see this esteemed writer be so derogatory towards athletes who are probably already suffering from shame and internal guilt over letting their country down.

I mean, do you really want to add on more to it and just make the whole situation worse?

Tell me something Miss De, have you ever competed on such a high level, and lost?

Do you even know the feeling that comes across, when you not only let down yourself, or your parents, but the entire nation?

This is not a small time school event which they lost, this is so much bigger. And for us to put these athletes down is just inhumane.

Oh and this brings me to my last point, which is ironically a comment on Indians only, but it is that we love to comment and judge from afar.

I will sign off on this note, sure its fine to maybe convey your disappointment or even anger to a certain limit, but one should definitely not put all the blame just because one has a few wise cracks left waiting around and no one to use them on.

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Chirali Sharma
Chirali Sharma
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