The fashion brand Shein was recently slammed by a number of Twitter users, for posting a picture of a model carrying a water dispenser in her plus-size tights. The brand originally came up with this idea to showcase how stretchable the tights were, but it backfired and people criticized them for body shaming.

Incident In Detail

A few days back, Twitter was flooded with comments about Shein’s advertisement, where a model was seen holding a 10-liter bulky water container inside her plus-size tights. Netizens were in shock and accused the brand of fat-shaming.

The commotion arose when an internet user tweeted the screenshot of the product from the Shein app and it went viral. To advertise the flexibility of the tights, the picture shows a woman with an enormous water can inside her plus-size pants. The brand was heavily trolled for depicting the clothing item in a derogatory sense.

The tweet was shared or reposted by over 31,000 netizens. It received around 3.5 lakh likes and several people reacted to the post.

Various Comments Across The Internet

Some of the comments appreciated the advertisement; some were against the brand inappropriately depicting a plus-size product; while others said that it is in the company’s hands how they want to showcase their clothing items.

One of the users tweeted, “SHEIN. y’all couldn’t find y’all a plus size model???????”

Another sarcastic comment read, “Oh nice I have been looking for a pair of tights where I can hide my 5 gallon water bottle of vodka for the movie theater. Just in time for the holidays too.” 

In another comment, someone said, “this is prove that no matter what you do, people will judge you. I’m sure that some people would still criticize them if they used plus sized models. You guys always have something to say. So, Why should they care what you think about their concept. Just mind your business.”

A user also commented, “Unfortunately, that’s already their idea of a plus-size model coz it’s China. It’s because Asian sizes typically run smaller than western sizes. They can provide larger sizes, though, but I’ve never seen BBW Asian models.” 

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Is Body-shaming Being Normalized In The Ad

Body shaming is widely popular amongst clothing brands. Not showcasing body positivity has always been a serious problem in the fashion industry.

Recently, the fashion app Shein was roasted by netizens for releasing a picture of a model with a gigantic water can tucked inside her tights to emphasize the flexibility of the plus-size product.

However, the brand was severely bashed because of its portrayal of a clothing item for a plus-size woman through such a strange example. 

Intentionally or unintentionally, it triggered people on social media to call out Shein for fat-shaming plus-sized women. 

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