Every day technology just seems to impress us more and more. One of the way it does so, is allowing us humans to take extremely sharp and clear images. 

Phones and camera brands constantly try to play up their better and improved cameras where you can zoom in 10x, 20x, sometimes even 30x and still have the image be very clear and crisp. 

However, I do believe that this has taken the cake when it comes to endless zooming and still having the image be so crisp and high quality that you are left marvelling at it. 

Recently came across this post:

And frankly it is extremely true.

If you click on (http://whisky-panorama.com/) you will be taken to another page where you can see about 600 bottles. 

The only thing this post got wrong was the pixel size, the actual photo is a whopping 8370 megapixels which has 600 whisky bottles in it. 

When you click on the link, you see this:

600 Whiskies

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However, when you zoom in, you are able to see each individual bottle much more clearly and even read the name and other text on the label. 

The site even notifies on which bottle you have zoomed into, by giving its name, how aged the whisky is and where you can find more information about the drink. 

This is the 4th version to this type of an image, with the ‘Whisky Panorama v3’ having come last year in May. That had 400 whisky bottles in a 5600 megapixel image. 

The zooming and sharpening of each bottle barely takes more than 2 seconds or so, and then you can easily read even the smallest print on each bottle. 

This is not the sharpest image out there though. One of Asia’s sharpest image is reportedly around 195 gigapixels or approximately a billion pixels. 

It was taken from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China by Jinkun Tech or Bigpixel Technology Corporation. According to reports, more than 8 million people have explored this ultra, ultra high res image. 

It is said that not only can you zoom endlessly to see every nook and cranny of the image but you can even zoom in so much so as to see the expressions on the people that are featured in the image. 

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Wikipedia, Business Insider

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