The official trailer to Padmavati is finally out. The movie that has gone through its own set of controversies, crew and the director have been beaten up, the female lead and her salary have been hyped, is finally close to its release.

The film, starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor is set for a December 1st release, but first, let us see what the trailer actually gave us.

Check it out here:

This is what we got after watching the trailer:

1. Bhansali Truly Is A Master Of Visual Cinematography

padmavati trailer

I doubt there is any director out there at the moment who had such a good grasp of cinematography, and how best to create a visual masterpieces on screen.

The palaces, the war scenes, the costumes, the entire feel of the trailer, somehow takes you to the remote times of bygone era when palaces would house kings, wars would be fought and more.

padmavati trailer

2. The Trailer Was Pretty Typical

To be quite frank, although the visuals were absolutely spectacular, the trailer was pretty typical as per a historical drama.

The same war scenes, long processions, lots of people shouting and lots of shots of Deepika walking from one point to another with her face set in grim determination and hair flowing.

padmavati trailer

Nothing really that shocking or surprising.

3. Ranveer Singh Might Just Steal The Show:

Have to admit though, as typical as the trailer might have been, the one thing that captured and held our attention was Ranveer Singh. As the ruthless Khilji, he had us mesmerized and he truly looks like an out and out villain.

A villain we’d love to hate.

This is one aspect which I like and hopes it is translated well into the movie, of how Khilji was not a good guy, instead he made Padmavati’s life miserable with his madness for her.

padmavati trailer

You do not feel any sympathy or good feelings for Khilji and instead almost fear him.

While Deepika might be the main lead of the movie, Ranveer is not only offsetting Shahid massively but even Deepika too.

It could be an overshoot, but this movie might very well confirm Ranveer’s Filmfare this year.

Speaking of awards, don’t you think this is the ideal time to rake up the nepotism debate again?

Aakhir, Ranveer mein talent thodi na hai, woh toh sirf nepotism ki wajeh se iss movie mein hai! :p

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4. Not Khal Drogo Please:

Can we just stop comparing Ranveer Singh’s look to Khal Drogo? The two are very different characters and apart from a few visual similarities and his animalistic acting, there is not much of Khal Drogo in Singh’s Khilji.

It is truly getting exhausting that even the slightest bit of similarity to another existing character is taken as proof that it was copied.

5. Shahid… Poor Shahid:

Coming to Shahid, the second male lead of the movie, he well, seems to be floundering between the strong performances and on-screen comfort level of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

padmavati trailer

He neither looks like a Rajput king nor talks like one and his scenes with Deepika were quite stunted honestly. ‘Dry’ and ‘trying too hard’ are some phrases which come to mind after watching him.

There is a dialogue in the trailer that goes ‘chinta ko talwar ki noke pe rakhe wo Rajput‘ and the first thing that popped into my mind was, is Shahid now going to break into a version of ‘chinta ta ta chita chita‘.

And one thing that is bothering me more than any and I believe is of the utmost importance is, since when did Shahid grow as tall as Deepika? Lol.

6. Deepika, The Main Star?

padmavati trailer

Ahh yes, the movie whose female lead’s salary is more than the male leads, the entire storyline revolves around her and all is riding on her shoulders, is doing a good job of keeping the mystery intact.

Deepika only utters one dialogue at the end of the trailer, which is pretty impactful and sets the tone for the movie.

Although her shots disappointed me a bit with she just walking around here and there, but hopefully this is only to keep the mystery about the story and not give away anything.

That being said, Deepika truly looks like a Queen on a mission.

All in all, the trailer leaves much to be said and for the time being and considering Bhansali’s reputation, surely makes us await the release with bated breath.

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