Sextortion Is Rising In India And The Victims Are Mostly Men (Video)

Hundreds and thousands of men are being targeted every year into sextortion

“An individual from Mumbai city receives a friend request from a very appealing and beautiful girl and he readily accepts it. Soon they start chatting on facebook messenger and their friendship grows into an intimate relationship, within no time. The girl asks individual to switch over to Skype from facebook messenger.

They both soon start chatting on skype. On a particular day, in the night, while both are chatting on skype, the girl tells the guy that she was feeling differently and starts acting naughty. The girl starts stripping her clothes. The guy can’t believe his luck. The girl strips to her bare minimum and asks the guy to do the same. Within no time, the guy repeats her act and removes all his clothes.

The moment he strips down, the girl excuses herself for some time to come back soon. The guy waits for her to come back. The girl after coming back sends him a text on skype telling him that whatever strip show he performed in front of the webcam on Skype has been recorded by her and she is soon going to send this webcam recorded video to all his friends on his Facebook page.

She tells him to send 5000$ to her account if he doesn’t want his strip show to be sent to his friends. The guy shows his reluctance to send the money. The girl sends him the youtube link, where she had uploaded his video of the strip show. The guy watches the video and decides to lodge a complaint with the police.”

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I came across this story on Cybericonsultancy’s website while researching for sextortion and it’s rise in India and this story sets the perfect example to explain what sextortion is.

Sextortion in simple terms is threatening to leak pictures or videos of sexual nature and extorting money out of this.

Hundreds and thousands of men are being targeted every year into sextortion. This has led to many of them committing suicides due to the fear of the footage being shown to their family and friends.

The crime of sextortion all over the world is unusually on the rise and it is believed that the criminal gangs behind this are operating from the Philippines.

Watch the video to know about the rise of sextortion in India.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: BBC, Hindustan Times, Business Standard, Cybericonsultancy, NDTV 

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