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SexED: Sex With Robots & Interactive Sex Toys Are No More A Thing Of The Future


As if sex toys weren’t already the fad around the world, their evolved subspecies- interactive sex toys have already started making headlines.

The discussion was sparked in the 2nd International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots, that took place in the University of London from 19th to 20th December, 2016.

Researchers from the California sex toy company Abyss Creations announced that they would soon be releasing an artificial-intelligence enhanced sex doll. It would from the company’s RealDoll line and is expected to be the most human-like sex doll to hit the market.

It would be capable of talking, moving and gesturing like humans.

The concept of sex with robots was flourished with several companies showcasing their latest developments in robotic sex toys including ‘Kissenger’ and ‘Teletongue’.

While ‘Kissenger’ would allow people to send and feel kisses through a device that attaches to mobile phones, ‘Teletongue’ will provide you with remote oral interaction such as sending licking sounds and sensations through internet. Did you know that could happen? I mean I never did.


Is It Really A Good Idea?

As sensational and ground-breaking as it is, I couldn’t help but think critically about it. As every opinionated and mildly moral individual who is completely hostile to change, it quickly got me into two minds right after the excitement started toning down.

First of all, if the sexual interaction could be transmitted through cyber-space why would anybody long for the real and passionate love making anymore? And secondly, that in turn makes me question the integrity of the whole sexual intimacy agenda.


So what exactly is its purpose?

Reducing human efforts of maintaining a relationship? I don’t know man, beats me. The entire concept is about eliminating the need of a human to engage in a sexual act.

The conference also had a detailed discussion over the up-and-coming of robots which would be capable of sexual relationships with humans as well!!!

I mean is it just me or do you also have a voice somewhere in the corner of your brain actually mumbling the words, “WTF!


How will it actually change the course of our personal and intimate lives?

We are looking at a future where actually new genre of sexual orientation could possibly be defined. This is really going to be pissing off a lot religious extremists and orthodox. Because, there are still people who think that having a baby through In-vitro fertilisation is actually blasphemous. Wonder, what havoc they will wreak when they hear about this.

More discussion at the conference also threw light on the possibility of people marrying their properties, and by properties I mean robots. The only upside I could figure out from the advancement of this technology is for people who need sexual companionship but are unwilling for commitment. But, then again this is just what my little brain thinks.

Tell us how you feel about interactive sex toys and a possibility of sexual relationships with robots right here in the comments section.


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