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SexED: A Polythene Bag Can’t Serve As Protection, A Vietnamese Couple Learnt It The “Hard” Way


Not everything you read on internet or watch on T.V. should be believed and definitely shouldn’t be tried! How on earth can a polythene bag serve as a substitute for a condom? You and me know it cannot, but a couple learnt it the hard way (pun intended!).

The incident took place in Vietnam after a couple decided that they wanted to have a little fun in the bedroom but much to their horror there weren’t any condoms handy. And they were too shy to go and buy one from a store! This is when they tried to make things more exciting, so much that it backfired.

As it turns out, this guy didn’t exactly want to let the night get away from him, so he decided to use a polythene bag as a replacement. You know, those plastic bags you get at stores whenever you shop. After all, they’re thin and conformed to his man parts.

Polythene bag in place of a condom? WHAT?

Well, for reasons unknown, after seeing the guy tie a polythene bag to his manhood, the woman still decided to give sex a shot but that’s when things went horribly wrong.

According to reports, the love-making session came to an abrupt halt when the man noticed that there was blood everywhere.

According to the hospital reports, as the plastic bag was rough and lacked elasticity and lubrication, the young couple ended up scratching their genitals to the point of bleeding. The lovebirds underwent a thorough check-up and were prescribed with antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.

Along with the fact that how stupid can youth act these days, the incident also has raised attention to the attitude of youth towards safe sex and sex education in Vietnam.

As reported by a Vietnamese daily, a recent study by Hanoi Medical University and Hanoi Medical College among 2,700 university students revealed that of the 16% who said they have sex, only a third used condoms the first time. About 25% of the students also said they would be embarrassed to go buy condoms.

Embarrassment in buying condom from a store led to the incident!

The incident does nothing but re-iterates the need of sex education worldwide. It highlights how the taboo and social stigma attached to pre-marital sex has to be done away with.

These days, it seems that people are becoming dumber. That said, it really doesn’t surprise me that something like this actually happened. If so much social stigma is attached to something, people obviously will search for alternatives to escape the embarrasment of being judged from the soceity and this is exactly what happened here.

I hope this is a reminder enough for Vietnamese governement to take proper steps towards imparting sex education to the youth of the country.

And for the youth out there, I know sex can be a powerful thing and certainly has the reputation of making people do stupid things. However, next time you find yourself without a condom, do the world and your partner a favor and go to the store real quick or pass on the occasion altogether.

You’re not an animal. It’s best to not act like one (and if you want to, then at least act like it at the right time! If you know what I mean?)

I know we have all heard of using protection while doing it but that protection refers to actual protection and not polythene bags!

Wake up!

Want to share some similar “In The Room Blunders” and make people aware? Share with us in the comments below!

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Yogita Rathore
Yogita Rathore
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