By Rashmi Chakravarty

The fiery orange packet of Kurkure, with the lovable tagline “Tedha hai par mera hai” has been my childhood love all along. And even now not much has changed.

What is changing is the fact that it is getting better and better, molding and re-shaping itself with the modern times.

Can we ever get rid of the craving for kurkure?

The brand has introduced its first ever mascot named ‘Ms. Kurkure’, launched by brand ambassador Taapsee Pannu.

Although it is giving me butterflies in my stomach, without much drama, let us unveil to you the sassy avatar of Ms. Kurkure that is winning everybody’s heart right now.

Hello Ms. Kurkure

So, Ms. Kurkure is a chatak modern naari, fashioning a bold red lipstick, pink cheeks and confident round eyes, at the same time-rooted in the traditions and wearing a kurta and not western clothes (which are considered at times as deviating from the Indian sanskaar!).

She is sitting with her husband, who is enthusiastically watching a cricket match, asking her what she should make for the pleasant Sunday – “Gobhi ke parathe” or “aloo ke parathe”.

And what follows is something mind blowing. Ms. Kurkure while munching on Kurkure, swiftly advises the gentleman to cook whatever he finds easy. Whooaa! (Savage! I hope I can do the same some day!!)

The Deeper Message She Conveys

Ms. Kurkure has been designed by Wunderman Thompson, and would be a part of further series of advertisements by the brand.

On the first look, she seems like a normal mascot, but the ad she features in brings home some “chatpate khayal” plus some deep messages.

The fact that it’s the husband who is asked to prepare food, and that so by the female, is something that we rarely see, at least in media depictions.

This welcomes a reversal of gender roles and responsibilities, breaking away from the stereotypical notion that it is only the woman’s responsibility to cook. Also, it is she who steps up for herself, instead of a third party figure stepping in for her.

Ms. Kurkure then becomes an aware modern woman, informed about her rights and ready to claim her space in the household, not just inhabiting the kitchen, but also majestically sitting in the hall while enjoying her delicious snack.

The ad goes different from the previous Kurkure ads which have focused on family values and the bonds of joint families. But Ms. Kurkure’s family is a small one, comprising of her, her husband (or boyfriend maybe eh!) and a gray cat.

This also resonates with the rapidly changing society that we live in, where many couples choose to care-take pets instead of kids.

How Ms. Kurkure Is An Effective And Chatpata Khayal

The new mascot by the brand expands its consumer base to not just children, but also youngsters as well as adults.

By giving her the appearance of a strong and independent lady, boldly challenging the set patriarchal frameworks and gender roles, the brand has ensured that she gets a mental tick mark from today’s informed woman.

Plus, its launch on the actress’ Instagram handle adds further to the mascot’s efficacy. Taapsee is known for her action oriented and socially aware films, and no other celebrity could have been a more befitting one to unveil the diva Ms. Kurkure.

Hence, to Kurkure we give an acknowledging wink, because khayal toh chatpata hai!

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: Economic Times, Marketing Mind

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