Say Hi To Cowpathy And Doctor Cow In India With This New Video!

Antibiotics are a thing of the past, Cowpathy is the shiz!

Pharmacotherapeutics? Homeopathy? Ayurveda? Unani?

Naah, you have got it all wrong. It’s time for… *drum rolls*


A Mumbai based researcher has come out with the idea of manufacturing beauty products and medicines from holy derivatives of the Gaumaata and if you are feeling too grossed out, just know that this company named ‘Cowpathy’ sells 45,000 units of beauty soaps every month!

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The video will tell you all you need to know about Cowpathy and more.


So, the next time you are sick, be sure to consult Doctor Cow. Did I mention that the company also has an online portal where you can buy their stuff? In case you are at an absolute lack of better things to do, you can visit their website here.

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