Our mental health can determine our demeanour and influence it positively or negatively. Anxiety persisting in daily life degrades mental health to a great extent and pushes us gradually towards depression. Mental health can not be overlooked as it can impede the joys of our life. Nevertheless, mental health has always remained taboo in society until the last few years.

There was a prevalent misconception amongst society that nothing exists like depression as such. But when you start suffering mental condition problems, you realise that you are a part of an enormous club and not unaccompanied. The outbreak of the corona pandemic and the plights it brought along ensued the breaking of this prevalent misconception amongst the people worldwide.

Constant isolation, loss of job, money crunch elevated the mental pressure of people, but there was no one available who could understand and share the pain. Mental health issues dissipated like a wildfire along with the corona. Lockdown was when people realised that mental health issues are common, and there’s nothing shameful to accept it.

Sahil Kothari, a life coach and spirituality trainer, raised several campaigns to convince people that mental health is as important as physical health. According to him, emotional suffering is not a matter that should be kept secret. The suffering causes you pain, and you must do something about it to attenuate the pain. Seeking spirituality through meditation can pull us from mental issues and help us find comfort even in the most challenging situations.

Sahil Kothari has utilised all the possible mediums to reach out to the people in need. During the lockdown, the people most needed spirituality trainers, but they could not attend the classes given to the restrictions. Sahil chose the online method and arranged several seminars based on application of spirituality, psychology and occult to combat mental health issues.

Sahil says “When someone is suffering from a mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, etc., they often feel alone and isolated. Just being there and listening to and related to their problems (without trying to solve them) can be very comforting. When a person feels loves, their mental health can improve and this is what we preached in our seminars.”

He further helped people overcome mental health issues by inviting them to participate in spending time outside, in nature or with animals and by making them participate in activities like gymming, yoga, painting, dancing, photography.


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