July 7: People often say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! But is it really the case? What is real beauty if it is not projected aptly? You got the looks; you got those magnificent features; all you need now is the perfect touch-up to glow and shine!

Ruby Khasa is a young, energetic, determined soul with a passion for revolutionising the beauty industry with her field expertise. With such precision, personalised touch and incredible attention to detail, she never fails to amaze her customers with her skills. She is a top-rated bridal & party makeover freelancer based in Delhi. The stroke of magic on your skin would make you feel beautiful inside out. Make your happy day a little merrier, your dull day shinier and sprint on the journey of self-love with her. The makeup artist has an exceptionally keen eye for styling and grooming and offers the most variant set of options to customers to choose from. She believes that everyone is beautiful, and adding a tint of magic is the icing on the cake. With personally curated and customised therapies and treatments for glowing and youthful skin, she has diligently worked towards bettering herself and polishing her skill-set to offer the finest services and bring smiles to those lovely lips. Her personality completely matches her style. A bit sassy, extremely classy with a pinch of fun bubbled up in laughter and craziness.

Want to make those eyes stop at you at your grand entrance or be the spotlight at every event you attend, or be the show stopper? All you need is the wand of sprinkle from Ruby Khasa and you are all set to steal the show.

Those no makeup look days take the longest and most tiring hours, but she does it so effortlessly that you would be just awestruck. Learning to unlearn habits of conventional styling and being trendy and edgy is her fashion statement. Let the mirror reflect your true beauty. Her freelancing skill is the hub of complete beauty solutions agglomerated, so why choose someone else? 

Ruby Khasa’s Specialities include Bridal Makeup, Party makeup, HD makeup, Airbrush makeup and all types of Beauty services. Be party-ready or for a poised dinner or maybe a commercial meeting, and get the best package that suits your requirement. With an established and renowned name in the beauty industry, Ruby Khasa has never failed to amaze her clients with her art. She thrives on perfection and passion and is unbeatable when it comes to exploration. Her idea of styling is not to just follow what is trendy but create trendiness through creativity and innovation. It’s like a breath of fresh air! So refreshing! There is no such thing as an ordinary day or event; it is about how you think it should be. A dull Tuesday evening could become therapeutic and showered with soothing scents, massages and gentle scrubs. Your dishevelled hair deserves that softness and shininess that they once embraced. Remember how they caressed your soft skin, gently touching your cheeks to sway with the wind? You can have it all back, so why wait when you can just book a session and have the time of your life? Relax and lay back, and be involved in a mystic experience unlike any other. Because you don’t dress up or stylise for others but just yourself, it doesn’t matter whether it is a party, a celebration or just a bad hair day. If you feel like rediscovering yourself and feeling good about the reflection in that mirror, then join in.

To make your wedding/party/gathering special, get in touch with her at www.rubykhasa.com. You can even reach her at 9289211008. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RubyKhasa

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rubykhasa?utm_medium=copy_link

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rubykhasa?t=361PArgsEVOI_uOBeFkOeg&s=09



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