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Riverdale Characters Are Nothing Like Our Beloved Archie Comics Characters


By Anuriti Sarkar

Pretty much excited about the new Riverdale series? The intriguing mystery of Jason Blossom’s murder has kept us all engaged with this show.

But as the show commences further we realize that the Archie comics, from which they have adapted the show is quite different than this. The characters are way more different than they have shown here.

So here’s a list of characters they have altered in the series and how they actually are-

1. Archie Andrews


The goofy romantic redhead from Archie comics, a very optimistic guy who is also in the football team. He is clumsy at times but is a sweetheart in the end. He is always seen confused between Betty and Veronica.


Thank the gods he still has red hair in the series. He is in the varsity football team, but is more passionate about his music and has trouble making up his mind.

The trio gets a boost here, a plus one to the triangle. Surprisingly, Archie isn’t falling head over heels for either Betty or Veronica, but for Ms.Grundy! Yes, you heard that right, quite a shocker. He is definitely a lot more hotter with those 6 packs.


2. Betty Cooper


The down to earth, good girl from a middle class family. She’s the girl next door kinda person. Her puppy love with Archie is shared with Veronica.

She is literally the girl next door to Archie’s in the series. They have surely got her appearance on point, especially that high pony tail. A perfect example for beauty with brains.

The only difference is that she is seen taking medication to control her issues. She is a complex person who as well as being bright and smart also has a darker side which is heightened when she meets Veronica.

3. Veronica Lodge 



That one spoilt rich kid every high school has. Daughter of wealthy business man, Hiram Lodge. Lives in a big lavish house and is always found on a shopping spree.

A snobbish brat who wants everything to go her way and is obsessed over Archie, also being best friends with Betty.


She has just moved to Riverdale due to her father’s scandal. Not much of shopping sprees and lavish life like her counterpart.

She is still sophisticated and classy, but her snobbishness has been reduced quite a lot but she does still have the bold and charming attitude. However the main difference is that, although Veronica has the hots for Archie, but she isn’t obsessively in love with him. She values her friendship with Betty over Archie.


4. Jughead Jones


Jughead is Archie’s best friend, formally known as Forsythe Pendleton Jones III. He is a lazy sarcastic pain in the ass. The only thing on his mind is food.

Apart from this, he is extremely loyal and can be easily spotted with that weird whoopee cap which looks like a crown.

In the beginning, it’s shown that Archie and Jughead aren’t friends anymore, but eventually, they do patch up. He’s a loner and a serious crime story writer. Instead of the whoopee cap, he is spotted with a beanie.


5. Cheryl Blossom



The red haired bombshell, Cheryl Blossom, hails from a wealthy background and has a mean attitude. She tries to manipulate Betty and Veronica against each other to get closer to Archie.


She is quite similar to her comic character. The only differences are that she is the Queen Bee of Riverdale high and isn’t much interested in Archie. She loves herself being in power. She has a tragic background, as her brother, Jason Blossom is the one who has been murdered.


6. Ms. Grundy 


Remember the strict white haired homeroom teacher in Archie comics ? Yes, that was Ms.Grundy. Tired of Archie’s laziness and Jughead’s pranks, which gave her more white hair. But was also very caring about her students.



When you see Riverdale’s Ms. Grundy, it might be a lot to take in. She’s a young hot music teacher who apparently has a forbidden relationship with Archie. A little bit of hot romance can be seen shared by them.

7. Alice Cooper


She is Betty Cooper’s mother, a very sweet and nice person. Very supportive of Betty’s decision and also shares a very close mother-daughter bond.


Coming to the series, she is a control freak and a sadist who loves to see the Blossom’s suffer. She enforces her decisions on Betty and expects her to be perfect in every way. I bet everyone who watches the show must have loved it when she was FINALLY slapped.


8. Hermione Lodge

She is seen as a rich charity worker and is involved into many social groups. She is rarely seen in the comics, compared to Hiram who has a major role.


The series shows the complete opposite. Hiram’s corrupt dealings lead to a scandal and they return to Riverdale from New York. She searches for a job and finally ends up working as a waitress at Pop Tate’s. Fate did take a U turn over here.

This was Archie v/s Riverdale ED style, how did you like it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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