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River Rafting: We Liv’ED it!


Ever wanted an activity that lies at the intersection of fun, adventurous and exciting? But hey, travelling is a bummer. After all, who wants to spend 7 out of 12 hours travelling? River-rafting is a fun filled activity that checks most of these criteria.

This author went ahead, and Liv’Ed It for the readers.

The first thing to do is decide upon a location. Usually, Shivpuri, about 12 Kms from Rishikesh is an ideal getaway for people residing in Delhi, and in North India in general. Lying in the lap of the Himalayas, Ganga with all its beauty and fury, makes it an appropriate location. Brahmpuri, about 6 kms off Shivpuri is preferred for people above the age of 5 and kids below 13 years of age, owing to its relatively calmer waters.

Choosing a tent is another variable. Even though there are many companies that provide such lodging services, they are more or less pretty similar in the type of services they provide and the prices as well.
In about INR 1500 per person, you get a one night’s stay in a tent, inclusive of meals and recreational activities. River rafting can cost anything between INR 700 to INR 1500 , depending upon length and the provider.

The author personally recommends ‘Camp Fun N Frolic’ with a 17 kms rafting trip.
To start with, you stay here.

These tents can usually accommodate about 2-3 people. They are a comfortable stay, but make sure you carry a mosquito repellent and lots of hand sanitizers and paper soap (you cannot have fully functional toilets near the river side).
Or if you are a fearless daredevil, and do not want to live into the shackles created by the mere mortals, then

Spend a day or two here. There is lots to do around.
You can play Volleyball.

Or just chill with your homies.

But hey! Let’s get to river rafting.
Fill this form first.
5 (2)
Be careful! They won’t be responsible if you die, once you sign this.
You will be assigned an instructor who will accompany you on your raft. This is preceded by a compulsory 15-minute introduction/training/warning lecture.

Protip 1: Listen to this carefully, in crisis situations, it can make the difference.
You are all set now!
Once you are out into the open, let go of everything and enjoy the nature, and cold waters.

Protip 2: The first two seats on the raft are the most fun, though you have to paddle the hardest there only!
After the 12 km mark, there is a customary break. Catch your breath here, but be ready to lose it as quickly for there is a 32-ft cliff to take off from. Its completely safe.
Protip 3: Never, ever look down from the cliff. You will soil yourself.

Feel free to grab a bite here too.

Again, you go on a rocky ride. It’s usually safe, but sometimes, rafts do turn upside down. Don’t worry, they have trained professional on patrol there. And other rafts are more than ready to help. Who has been a good boy this year, is a question you should ask now.
You’ll cross the Lakshman Jhoola and the Ram Jhoola on your way. These are remarkable suspension bridges which are literally the only way to connect two parts of a mountain.
Your joy ride will culminate here.

And then you will be asked to pull your raft to company trucks.

After this, you will be tired and hungry. Very, very hungry.

Protip 4: Visit Café Freedom and Buddha Cafe, they are the best Rishikesh has to offer and nearby to the place where rafting ends.

1. Mosquito Repellent: Can’t stress on this enough!
2. Book at least two weeks in advance.
3. Carry packaged food like Chips, Biscuits- Just in case you don’t like the food.
4. Hand Sanitizers.
5. Sport Shoes: In case you feel like trekking.
6. Make sure you go between April and Mid-June as they close it afterwards due to high volume of water!

Have fun!



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