All of us know the infamous Gurmeet Ram Rahim. If you’re hearing this name for the first time, please watch his masterpiece MSG, starring him, written, directed and (over)acted by him.

Here’s one super-hit song (it legit hits your brain!) from the movie:

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While you recover from the torture above, let me tell you that making this movie isn’t the only crime “Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan” has committed. He is convicted in two rape cases and the murder of a well known journalist.

He was sentenced to 20 years jail time of which he has recently completed one year. But this is not why I am writing this blog.

The actual reason is my infuriation on getting to know that he applied for parole on the ground of “good behaviour” while serving his sentence since last year.

Yes, “GOOD BEHAVIOUR”. A RAPIST & MURDERER requesting to be let lose on the ground of “GOOD BEHAVIOUR” in jail.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all in for rights of people serving jail time. But here is a man who is convicted of not something trivial but crimes like rape and murder. Not accused but convicted!

Here is a man who is responsible for assaulting I don’t know how many women under the garb of “religion” & “divine power”. A man who instigated the worst riots in Delhi and around, resulting in several casualties. A man who ruined the meaning of faith for thousands of people overnight.

If he requests a parole which the Haryana government supports, it ought to infuriate you and make you wonder about the sad reality of our country. Granting parole to such a man is as bad as letting lose a terrorist.

Manohar Lal Khattar, the Chief Minister of Haryana was quoted by NDTV, saying that, “the decision on parole request has not been taken yet and that they can’t stop an inmate from applying.”

Fair enough, but, as someone serving a public office why didn’t he criticise this request? Why didn’t he say that public sentiment would be taken care of?

Moreover, the jail superintendent of Rohtak district, where Ram Rahim has been serving his sentence, gave his opinion in a letter to Haryana’s Sirsa district administration on Ram Rahim’s parole request. He said that Ram Rahim is not a “hardcore” criminal and that he has shown good conduct in jail.

Most often that not, in cases of parole, jail superintendent’s opinion is taken into account while determining whether a convict should be granted parole or not. In such a scenario, words like “good conduct” and “not hardcore” might just tilt the scale in Ram Rahim’s favour.

Earlier, Ram Rahim had applied for an interim bail before Punjab & Haryana High Court in order to attend the wedding of his foster daughter.

The bail was denied by the Court which according to me was the right move to send a message across that convicts of such horrendous crimes wouldn’t be taken lightly.

Now, Ram Rahim has requested parole on the ground that he has to “farm his fields in Sirsa”. The request will be accepted or denied by the authorities only after they analyse the merits and demerits of letting him lose for a month. The decision is yet to come.

In my opinion, he shouldn’t be granted a parole. Doing so will set a bad precedent. Moreover, the man has a following of thousands and lakhs, who is going to guarantee he will come back and turn himself in and not go MIA overnight?

Let’s not forget what ensued at the time of his arrest. Re-arresting him would be a nightmare!

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Source: NDTV Report 1, NDTV Report 2, TOI +more

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