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Rainbow Flash Mob: Delhi Sees Its First LGBT Flash Mob



On 26th July, 2015, Connaught Place woke up to the call to put aside dogmatic prejudices and broaden the value systems. New Delhi witnessed the first ever LGBTQ flash mob of the nation spreading awareness regarding the different sexualities. This is a bold step taken in a nation which is hostile towards homosexuality or transgender.

Rainbow selfies were in vogue for a while in India. It was ironic that we were celebrating the legal approval of homosexuality in US. Many who changed their profile pics were not even aware of the verdict. It was a proof of the homophobic attitude of India. Few years back Satyameva Jayate faced legal persecution for taking a liberal side towards transgender and homosexuality. Not to mention the Supreme Court verdict of 2011 when homosexuality was deemed illegal by law.

But the flash mob and the reaction it has created among the people shows that there is hope for a change. Men and women moved gracefully and uniformly for the Bollywood dance numbers and there was a large crowd proudly cheering them. The dancers hoisted a flag saying ‘Difference is not wrong’. The essence of the flash mob was basically to say to make space, budge a little and loosen our dogmatisms a bit so that the

One thing that aroused curiosity among peers was the number of people who would attend the flash mob. As said above, there are lots of people who would cheer when US declares homosexuality legal. But when it happens in their home country, how many would be willing to applaud let alone accept it? Recently we had religious fanatics and god men who claimed that they would cure people of homosexuality as if it was a disease. A mob disrupting the event was also expected. It would not have been surprising if the crowd behaved as if they had seen something satanic and disgusting. But the reaction was warm and promising. There were no moral police interfering the event nor was there any voyeuristic men who had sly intentions.

As mentioned above, the gesture of flash mob does not demarcate a specific achievement in legal or social arena. But it is definitely a hopeful incident. True, the event did not gather so much crowd. But there were few people there who were genuinely supporting the movement. It would be a hope for many closet homosexuals and Transgenders that someday the society might accept them.

The change is not happening at the pace required but the movement and the popular acceptance shows that however small there is a change happening.

Let this be a beginning to create a generation sensitive towards the LGBTQ.



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