These days, a lot of colleges are doing practice disaster drills that help students prepare themselves in advance should some kind of disaster occur.

It can include natural disasters like fire, earthquake, flooding, etc and even sometimes some man-made ones. Basically, these drills make students aware of what all can happen should something like that occur and what you should do to save yourself and the people around you.

But, it seems that while these drills are working to save a life in case of some unplanned future event, in a tragic twist, this very exercise took the life of a 19-year-old student.

N Logeswari, a 2nd year BBA student from the Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore died during a practice disaster drill that her college had held on Thursday.

Apparently, the student was not willing to jump, but the trainer either forced her or pushed her off the ledge that resulted in her death.

What Happened?

On Thursday at around 4 pm, the Kovai Kalaimagal College of Arts and Science held a practice drill wherein students had to jump from a ledge on the 2nd floor onto a net that several people were holding on the ground floor.

But Logeswari, as has been seen from various video footage and eyewitness accounts was reluctant to jump from such a height.

As quoted by a police officer who was present at the place, he said that, “When she was reluctant to jump off the second floor, the trainer, who was standing behind her, pushed her even as she was clearly not prepared for the jump.”

It seems that the instructor kept coaxing Logeswari to jump even though as per videos, she was hesitant to do so and when after much prodding she was finally at the end of the ledge but was still not making the final jump, the instructor gave her a slight push.

It has been stated by several sources that the female student was not prepared for the jump and that instead of landing on the net, she hit her head on the 1st floor’s ledge that resulted in serious injuries to her head and neck.

About 5 students prior to Logeswari had jumped and landed safely with no injury or harm to them.

When she was taken to the Coimbatore government Medical college, she was announced as ‘brought dead’.

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What Is Going On Now?

As per sources, it is said that the drill was being conducted by the National Disaster Management Authority of India (NDMAI).

However, Rajendra Ratnoo, the Commissioner of Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management Agency that operates under the NDMAI said that they were not aware of any such drill and stated that, “All training sessions of the NDMAI are conducted only through the District Collector.”

According to sources, the instructor was not authorized by the NDMAI and furthermore was not even registered with the department along with having had no training for such drills.

In a tweet, the NDMAI said that, “Unfortunate that this incident has happened & we have lost a young life. Our heartfelt condolences to the family.”

“However, the National Disaster Management Authority wasn’t involved in this drill. The trainer wasn’t authorised by NDMA to conduct such a drill.”

Currently, the instructor R Arumugam has been arrested for pushing the female student off the building.

But that is not all, incidentally, neither the Police, Fire or Rescue Services Department had been informed that the college would be holding such a training.

Police officers have also said that a case will be registered not just against the instructor but also for the college for conducting such a practice drill with “utter negligence and without adequate safety measures.”

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: The Hindu, The Indian Express, India Today + more

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