New Delhi (India), March 9: Pulp Strategy is a leading digital and social media marketing agency based in New Delhi. With a decade long experience, Pulp Strategy has associated itself with numerous pioneer brands across the globe. Extensive research, insight-driven campaigns, grassroots level of industry knowledge and the undying spirit of its employees to innovate and create are the major ingredients of the success recipe of this award-winning digital marketing agency. Marketing agencies of this stature have one thing in common – they are willing to upgrade and adapt to changing times. As an agency in a constantly evolving field, it is crucial to revisit prevailing practices and make specific tough calls.

Pulp Strategy is a prime example of what comes into existence when a thirst for creativity meets optimum practical knowledge. Pulp Strategy, through its campaigns, has always brought exceptional creativity, technical advancements and a deeper understanding of human experiences. Pulp Strategy’s mission is to create human experiences based on trust and agility, combining the business of commerce with creativity, intelligence, and detailed execution resulting in business impact. Agency campaigns are directly inclined with their mission as they appeal to the human experiences and deliver a robust solution to the identified problem statement. A seamless operation process of curating a campaign is devised after years of practice and perfection. Pulp Strategy has managed to create a sound understanding within its employees to deliver a streamlined campaign.

Many global clients rely on Pulp Strategy for disruptive innovation and quality, and it seems that the industry knows this too. As a result, you will see the agency’s leadership in integrated digital communication and technology highlighted by prestigious award programs and publications across the globe. Time and again, Pulp Strategy has been bestowed with esteemed awards. Some of the awards bagged by the agency include:

MCube 2021- Best B2B Digital Campaign- Microsoft India

ICMA 2021- Content Marketing Category- Microsoft Cloud Champions 11

SAMMIE Award- Best Social Media Brand (Beauty & Cosmetic)- Avon India

ABBY Award- Public Relations- Intel India

PMAA- Best Brand Building and Awareness- Philips India

Pulp Strategy specialises in multiple digital services that aid your brand with the expertise of passionate and new age strategists. With the agility of a startup and the experience of a stalwart, Pulp Strategy is a full-stack digital marketing agency that gives you access to cross-disciplinary teams with the expertise to bring together all your brand initiatives, channels and activities together in a way that helps meet your digital ambition.

As Pulp Strategy is just turning 11 years old, its decade-long experience has impacted the Indian digital marketing sphere. This agency has pioneered itself in creating data-driven and insight-driven campaigns. Since its inception, Pulp Strategy has helped many iconic and pre-established brands and several budding brands to make an impact in the digital and real world. So if you want your brand to create a serious buzz in the market, Pulp Strategy can surely help your brand reach its goals.


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