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Preserve Your Love with Eternal Rose Bouquets that Last a Few Years


Flowers are the classic way to let someone know you care. A bountiful gift of nature that looks beautiful, smells delightful and signifies deep affection. Most people would be happy to receive flowers from someone they care about; though you’d be forgiven for thinking flowers are not a sustainable gift. They’re expensive, they don’t last very long, and when they die, you’re left with nothing but a shrivelled memory of a once magnificent bloom. What if I told you that it didn’t have to be like that? That you could enjoy the beauty of flowers for years to come? Such a thing is possible thanks to the combination of art meeting science, resulting in timeless preserved flowers that retain their splendour and are growing in popularity around the world.

Caryn Lim, owner of Timeless Flower Design and a pioneer of the preserved flower business in Montreal has been helping couples capture eternal memories of their love to be cherished for years. With 16 years experience in the wedding industry and 9 years working specifically as a floral designer, Caryn understands the meaning and symbolism behind flowers, and how to elevate the experience through the use of preserved and dried flowers. “I constantly had to throw away fresh flowers after every wedding, flowers that were just sitting pretty for a few hours. It made me sad every time”, lamented Caryn. “I thought to myself ‘What if flowers don’t die? That would be amazing!'”. With a strong drive to reduce the environmental impact of the industry, and hold onto the beauty of these flower arrangements that she would spend hours working on, Caryn pushed to develop the first signature Eternal Rose Bouquet service in Montreal, and has been riding a wave of the growing popularity in preserved flower arrangements.

When questioned about the services offered by Timeless Flower Design, it’s clear that Caryn is immensely passionate about two things; enabling her clients to express and capture their love, and being as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. “Not only can brides benefit from having a preserved flower bouquet as a keepsake from her wedding, other customers can enjoy these eternal bouquets and arrangements too!” Caryn exclaimed. “Now people can enjoy flowers for much longer than one week while also playing a part in reducing their ecological footprints!”. The preservation process utilizes eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals such as ethanol and glycerin to treat and preserve flowers; resulting in a product that will not require any sunlight or watering and keep the original beauty of the flowers intact from months to years. Compared to the week long average lifespan of fresh flowers, preserved flower arrangements are a strong option when considering value for money.

Caryn is always actively participating in and working with her community whenever she can, frequently sending out products to spark some joy for people who have had a hard time during covid, or those who are working hard on the front lines like nurses. Caryn has also proudly partnered up with the non-profit organization OneTree Planted resolving to donate to plant one tree for every one of her products sold. Along with her community projects and her amazing customer service, many clients from Canada and the United States choose to work with Timeless Flower Design because of their unique arrangements and Caryn’s sharp attention to detail. She works intimately with her clients to design arrangements that capture their essence and provide a memento that can sustainably stand the test of time.

Follow Timeless Flower Design on Instagram @timelessflowerdesign.

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